Data Driven Customer Journey in Digital CS


Data is undoubtedly crucial in customer success management, as it enables you to have data driven insights, provide analytics, and any upsell opportunities. So, how do you integrate this data into your customer journey to optimize the process, track sales activities, and ultimately fuel growth?

In this episode our host Anika Zubair chats with the wonderful Elisabeth Courland, Digital Customer Success Manager at Talentsoft, about data driven customer journeys in digital CS.

Elisabeth is passionate about her job and everything she can do to promote and spread the word about the amazing world of CS. She started her career 5 years ago, while looking for a digital role in Bordeaux, she was hired as a Customer Success Manager at Azendoo. Since then Elisabeth has worked for multiple startups such as Botify, Salesmachine, and Captain Dash. Elisabeth is currently the Digital Customer Success Manager at Talentsoft and her goal is to create a successful digital customer experience at scale.

Transitioning from what we know as classic CS (enterprise high touch) and moving into the digital CSM space is a really hot topic right now. A lot of people are talking about it, or at least considering it, especially in the world with the pandemic and everyone working remotely. But what is a digital CSM? How should a digital CSM use data to drive customer behavior?

"Digital CS is about creating a proactive strategy to serve all customers with customizations based on their needs, product, etc to get as much value as possible from the product. I’m not talking directly to my customers, my job is more to analyze the customer journey, and then create proactive communication to help them achieve their outcomes."

In other words, a data analyst meets customer support or CS. By putting more data into CS allows you to have a digital lead conversation. This means CSMs are now becoming more like data analysts and involving more data points in order to think about the entire customer journey.

“Digital CS allows us to scale without spending more money and using extra resources.”

There are so many data points that you have to get through and have to manage as a digital CSM, and the first thing to take into account is the structure of the KPIs.

"I personally always plead my KPIs into three categories, two leading indicators, and one lagging indicator. I think this is very important, especially in our job because it can be frustrating when we don’t see results right away."

But digital CSM is not only about data, there’s also interaction happening with the customers. But through, for example, an email campaign, survey, or webinar, which is not reinventing the wheel, just trying it differently.

Listen now to the full conversation with Elisabeth and Anika on data driven customer journeys in digital CS.

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