How to grow with your customers in 2021


Planhat, alongside Pexip, Pleo and Hopin, were pleased to present this special end of the year virtual panel. We were joined by strategy and customer success leaders, to discuss the changes this past year has brought and their top CS priorities for 2021. Our very own Erik Holm, was joined by Erin Coriell, Head of Customer Success at Hopin, Helge Hoff Hansen, VP of Strategy at Pexip and Ben Timmons, VP of Customer Experience at Pleo.

The presenters:

Erin Coriell is the Head of Customer Success at Hopin, a virtual event platform, which has seen explosive growth during 2020, growing from nearly nothing to more than $20 million of ARR in just 9 months, and from 1 to 200+ staff in one year. Hopin recently closed a $125 million Series B round of capital at an impressive valuation of above $2 billion.

Helge Hoff Hansen is the VP of Strategy at Pexip, a leading provider of enterprise video conferencing and collaboration solutions. Pexip has expanded rapidly during 2020, and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange earlier this year at a valuation close to $1 billion. Helge has 9 years experience in the strategy and technology industry, 6 of those years in management consulting.

Ben Timmons is the VP of Customer Experience at Pleo, an innovative business expense solution which empowers employees to buy things they need for work, all while keeping a company's finance director in control of spending. Ben is extremely passionate about customer success, with 15 years of experience in the industry. With a degree in Economics, Finance and International Business, plus an MBA, Ben works with organizations to build a best in class customer success infrastructure.

Erik Holm is the CFO at Planhat, a customer platform helping modern technology companies to get insights, manage workflow, and drive customer experience. Planhat serves thousands of users worldwide with their customer success challenges, and Erik will bring perspectives across the technology industry.

During this virtual panel, our guests discussed:

  1. Their reflections from the past year

  2. Why CS has become even more of a strategic focus

  3. Experiences of virtual hiring

  4. How to manage product growth without sacrificing the customer experience

and much more...

Download to watch the full conversation.

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