Jonas Stanford on Data in Customer Success

Jonas Stanford made time to skype with me in Stockholm all the way from Vancouver. Almost on opposite sides of the world, but just as cold.

Jonas is the Director of Customer Success at Unbounce and has been there for 3 years now. He started his career about 12 years ago working in software testing and that led him down the path to start working in the customer service industry, and now in customer success.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask him some questions about customer success and extract some of his knowledge.

One topic we spoke about, that I know many if not everyone in customer success can relate to, is the overwhelming amount of data that is available to a company about their customers. We discussed which types data the customer success team actually needs to focus on and how they can use it to better reach out to their customers.

At Unbounce their customers are segmented in a way that many of them are labeled as “tech touch” - so having a dedicated customer success manager isn’t necessary. But by using attribution data (Industry Vertical or Company Size, how long they have been a customer, etc.) in combination with behavioral data (what they are doing in your product), they are able to reach out to these “tech touch” customers in a very personal and meaningful way.

There is that gem, and so much more in his full interview - so check it out!

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