Keri Keeling Discusses Customer Success at Oracle

Keri Keeling started her career in Customer Success in the 90s at a Ford dealership. A bit funny because now the term Customer Success is so heavily associated with SaaS and the tech world that we forget that the concept of creating a lifetime, recurring customer is something that all industries have needed to focus on, long before tech was so prevalent.

She moved into the tech world when she started working in telephony, and was responsible for trying to figure out how to get her customers to sign longer contracts, be loyal and refer others, and buy more. Sound familiar?

And now, she is at Oracle working as the Head of Customer Success Enablement and Capability - working to develop employee success programs for all of Oracle’s SaaS CSMs in North America (of which there are about 500+). These programs are intended to provide the Oracle CSMs with best practices that they can deliver to their customers.

With over 22 years of experience, lots of trial and error, and seeing the concept of Customer Success from multiple industries and how it has evolved - Keri has so much insight to offer about CS. It was such a delight getting to speak with, her all the way from Stockholm to Idaho!

Take a listen if you would like to learn about:

  1. Her advice for ensuring Customer Success is a part of your company’s DNA
  2. How the Customer Success team at Oracle works - being heavily adoption oriented
  3. Characteristics of CSMs she likes to see when she is looking to build a team
  4. Her advice for the new Customer Success teams

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