Planhat and Slack

With all the successes that Slack has had recently, we thought it was the right time to celebrate their achievement by announcing Planhat’s new SlackBot!

So without further ado, meet @Planhat.

We’ve had an integration with Slack for several years and internally were early adopters of the so-called “email killer”.

Until now, the purpose of the integration has been to provide instant alerts around customer behavior and activities. You can automate alerts in Slack when customer health scores change, usage behavior changes, how you engage with customers changes, notes are added, lifecycle phases change, invoices are added, customers churn, renew and many, many other things.

What is also helpful is alerts can go to different channels depending on their topic area, or even which segment of clients the alert relates to. As an individual user, you can also specify your own personal channel to send alerts to, so I, for example, get an alert in Slack each time an email I send from Planhat is read. (Yes, I’m watching you…)

But, there is an additional problem a lot of Customer Success Managers, leaders and company executives face that needed solving.

I’m sure many of you have had the call from your travelling CEO the day before a meeting with an important customer, asking for a one-pager summarizing everything going on with them. Or similarly from a Sales Rep, out on the road walking into an upsale meeting and unsure of any recent issues their prospect has faced. Or even from marketing, onsite at a customer event, trying to understand the health of different customers attending.

The result is a scramble, diving in to Planhat, summarizing key details and rushing over an email that inevitably misses some angle, or doesn’t include details on the specific people in the meeting or at the event. In sum, it’s stressful, inefficient and getting it right is a bit of a lottery.

This is where @Planhat, our new Slackbot comes in.

By messaging @Planhat in Slack, no matter where in the world you are, you can get an instant, real-time summary of everything going on with a client. You can see all their key data points from MRR to renewal date to usage data, in a single, simple clean lay-out.

If viewing recent emails or tickets is more important, you can change the view to show the latest conversations including call summaries, prior meetings notes and even tickets and emails.

If you are meeting new key people and need to know their role, or other data points such as when they last logged in to your product, you can switch to a People view.

Or if you have needs to be more data driven, you can switch to a health view and see how their account stacks up against the different factors impacting their health score.

At Planhat we talk a lot about customer centricity and ensuring customers come first in all our decision making. A challenge many companies face with this is that customer data lives in silos. As a product Planhat is dedicated to solving this by bringing all your data together and providing unlimited users, and with our new Slackbot these silos are broken down further for team members on the road. Everyone, no matter where they are, now has access to all key customer information they could need in a quick, digestible format.

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