The key behind Planhats success in the G2 Winter Report

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Gradually, then suddenly. That’s the feeling one can get when reading this year's G2 Winter Report. Planhat has for the first time been named a leader, in not one, but two categories: Customer Success and Client Onboarding.

Planhat also named a Momentum Leader and High Performer in Subscription Revenue Management and a High Performer in Customer Revenue Optimization.

It might seem like a sudden success, but for anyone who has been able to follow the development team at Planhat up close, this comes as no surprise.

Behind the success lies many years of focused work with one ambitious goal: to create the best customer platform possible.

But Niklas Skog, CTO, and co-founder at Planhat, wouldn’t necessarily frame it that way.

“Sure, that’s the goal. But most of all, it’s about creating the most value possible for our customers, every day. We truly believe that future businesses must be built on the same shared fundamentals - an organization focusing on the customer and associated data accessible by all departments.”

How does this translate into the everyday work of Planhats developers teams and their tasks?

“We work really, really close together. Within the team, of course, but also close with our customers. We listen to their needs and wants and visions, and we do our best to empower them. We’re constantly trying to make Planhat an even better customer platform.”

This year Planhat has for example released brand new Pages, updated Playbooks, new and improved Integrations. But that is just to mention a few of the constant product releases that Niklas and the team develop.

“We don’t always make a big bang for our releases, perhaps we're too busy creating the next big release? But still, take Pages for example. It's kind of a big thing. It’s a blend of Miro's interactive canvas and the reporting you’d see in enterprise-grade BI tools. It’s a progression of the customizable but traditional, and perhaps a bit boring, dashboards we’ve had for many years. This new solution is unique in the market so far and adds a ton of value to any user working with customer data.

A typical month consists of 150-200 different updates, from minor bug fixes to more complex features that have been developed by listening to the users of Planhat and combining that input with their own vision for the product.

“It might sound like a lot but for us, it just shows us that we are where we want to be. In the forefront of customer success, working hard every day to develop Planhat even more. Hopefully, our customers and people in the industry see what we do and appreciate it.“

With the results of the 2021 G2 Winter Report in mind, there is no doubt Planhat’s constantly evolving platform is appreciated. Here you can read the reviews from the people using it every day: our users.

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