How Natilik turned customer data into actionable insights

Cisco CX Advanced compliance

Increased renewal rate

Improved data visibility


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Lisa Milnes

Lisa Milnes

Director of CS of the Commercial business unit

To be able to look at our client's health and get actionable insights based on intelligence rather than just gut feel is incredibly impactful. And to then add automations and triggers … Planhat has moved us into the 21st century.

Natilik is a technology solutions provider, working with clients to understand their challenges and deliver products, services, platforms, applications, and expertise globally. Their goal is to be a ‘Confident Guide’ for digital transformation, sitting between the vendors who make technology and their clients who want to use it to help deliver the most important outcomes. With a growing part of their business coming from recurring revenue streams, and a strong partnership with Cisco, they started looking for a software solution that could help them maintain high levels of client satisfaction and support the achievement of the Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization.

"In reality, the three different departments were in the same team but used different systems and processes. There was no easy way for us to identify what needed to be done."

To enhance its customer experience, Natilik unified three different departments into one Customer Success team per business unit. However, it became evident that each department had different processes and systems for handling their day-to-day tasks. They decided to find a software solution to help them.

  • Different departments had different systems for day-to-day tasks.

  • Difficulty getting an overview of customers and their health.

  • Aiming to enhance their existing Cisco Customer Experience Specialized accreditation and become Advanced.

"To be able to look at our client's health and get actionable insights based on intelligence rather than just gut feel is incredibly impactful. And to then add automations and triggers on top of those insights… this has moved us into the 21st century."

Planhat’s pricing model with unlimited access for all departments made a big difference from the start. For example, the Customer Success team uses Planhat to keep track of their customers, set up health scores, and use automations to ensure there are no missed renewals, while the leadership makes use of Planhat’s presentations layer for revenue management and visual storytelling.

  • Planhat’s licensing with unlimited users makes it accessible to everybody.

  • Improved visibility of client’s usage helps identify utilization trends.

  • The native integration between Planhat & Salesforce creates a comprehensive solution.

  • All customer data stored in one place creates more efficient CS teams.

"The relationship we have, the discussions with our CSMs, the EBRs where we plan ahead together, the synergy between Natilik and Planhat, and how we create value together… that’s an outstanding part of what Planhat offers."

By using Planhat, the CS Team is now able to take action on data instead of spending time gathering it. This means time saved across teams as it allows more clients to be supported with existing resources. But as it so often is, the biggest wins are beyond actionable data and financials – it’s in the long-term vision Natilik and Planhat strive for together.

  • Increased visibility of all recurring revenue data.

  • Automated renewals process with the use of playbooks.

  • 33 saved days of effort per annum with CS teams supporting more clients.

  • Became Cisco CX Advanced Accreditation compliant.