How Natilik turned customer data into actionable insights

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Natilik is a technology solutions provider, working with clients to understand their challenges and deliver products, services, platforms, applications, and expertise globally. Their goal is to be a ‘Confident Guide’ for digital transformation, sitting between the vendors who make technology and their clients who want to use it to help deliver the most important outcomes.

In short, their clients want to move their technology forward, and Natilik’s role is to enable this and guide them through the process. Enabling digital transformation across Digital Infrastructure,Workplace Evolution, Customer Experience, Application Performance and Cyber Security, alongside a range of services to support clients through the lifecycle of their technology.

With a growing part of their business coming from recurring revenue streams, and a strong partnership with Cisco, they started looking for a software solution that could help them maintain high levels of employee and client satisfaction whilst also growing their business and, in the meantime, supporting the achievement of the Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization.

| The Challenges

  • Different departments had different systems for day-to-day-tasks.

  • Difficulty getting an overview of customers and their health.

  • Aiming to enhance their existing Cisco Customer Experience Specialised accreditation.

As a technology solutions provider offering products and services, Natilik takes great pride in its customer's experience. To enhance this even more, they unified the SDM's (Service Delivery Managers), CSM's (Customer Success Managers) & RM's (Renewals Managers) into one Customer Success team per business unit.

However, for Lisa Milnes (Director of CS of the Commercial business unit) and Joss Maynard (Director of CS of the National business unit), it became evident that each department had different processes and systems for handling their day-to-day tasks.

"In reality, the three different departments were in the same team but used different systems and processes. There was no easy way for us to identify what needed to be done."

They decided to find a software solution to help them and defined a list of requirements:

To deliver a single system that provides actionable insights to, and introduces operational efficiencies for, Natilik’s evolving Client Success Team.

To improve client satisfaction, guaranteeing a better client experience and enhancing their Client Success Proposition.

To protect recurring revenues through easier identification and remediation of risk and to maintain their Cisco Partner Accreditations.

The solution needed to:

  • Collect all customer data in one place, making it easier to act on.

  • Create an automated health score to better understand the health development of their customers.

  • Help people prioritize their time better using standardizations and processes.

  • Improve customer experience by using data to identify who - and what - to focus on at what time.

  • Enhance their existing Cisco Customer Experience Specialised accreditation and become Advanced.

  • Improve financial performance by increasing renewal rates and identifying upsell opportunities.

  • Have a native Salesforce integration in place.

Once Natilik understood their requirements for a Customer Success tool, they took their needs to the market.

Planhat stood out because of their location in the EU for support, implementation & ongoing development teams, their agility, and a tool that was the most customisable, easiest to set up and easiest for ongoing management.

| The Solution

  • Planhat’s licensing with unlimited users makes it accessible to everybody.

  • Improved visibility of client’s usage helps identify utilization trends.

  • The native integration between Planhat & Salesforce creates a comprehensive solution.

  • All customer data stored in one place creates more efficient CS teams.

From the beginning, Lisa Milnes and Joss Maynard realized the potential of Planhat’s pricing structure for unlimited users.

"Planhat is licensed in a way that makes the tool accessible to all in the business - not just our Client Success Teams - at no additional cost and for unlimited users. We hope in time that the tool will support a wide area of our business; Exec/Leadership Teams, Marketing, Training and Adoption, Account Directors, Solution Architects / Presales, and Project Managers."

Today, Customer Success uses it to keep track of their customers, setting up health scores and using automations to ensure there are no missed renewals, while the leadership makes use of Planhat presentations-layer for revenue management and visual storytelling.

Being a part of the sometimes complex world of technology solutions, the speed and ease of Planhat’s onboarding surprised many of the people working at Natilik.

"Everybody was a bit shocked over how easy it was. One of our colleagues actually put off onboarding in Planhat, but when she was done with it, all she said was,” That’s it? That’s all I had to do?"

By onboarding & adopting Planhat to enhance their extensive Cisco offerings, Natilik achieved the accreditation they were aiming for; to be Advanced Customer Experience Specialized. Their strategic partnership with Cisco has never been stronger. The accreditation is a testament to the dedicated investment that Natilik has made to ensure clients are choosing, using, and loving the technology that’s right for their business - a step forward in continuing their goal to confidently guide their clients ensuring they get the very best from their technology investments.

With the help of Planhat, Natilik has improved the visibility of a client's usage/consumption data which assists with identifying utilization trends and adoption issues.

Planhat removed the need for multiple systems & multiple manual excel spreadsheets/trackers. It reduced the time spent by the CS teams gathering data from disparate sources. With Natilik investing in Salesforce to replace existing Marketing & Sales Tools, the native integration between Planhat & Salesforce created a comprehensive solution.

"To be able to look at our client's health and get actionable insights based on intelligence rather than just gut feel is incredibly impactful. And to then add automations and triggers on top of those insights… this has moved us into the 21st century."

| The Results

  • Increased visibility of all recurring revenue data.

  • Automated renewals process with the use of playbooks.

  • 33 saved days of effort per annum with CS teams supporting more clients.

  • Became Cisco CX Advanced Accreditation compliant.

Natilik is driven by a two-fold mission: growing a brand that is seen as the industry’s ‘Confident Guide’ and building a business with a balanced purpose.

Perhaps it is because of that last part - about a balanced purpose - they set up a rather unconventional goal for the implementation of Planhat: To make people happier.

And by using Planhat, the CS Team is now able to take action on data instead of spending time gathering it, thereby creating an easier, more inspiring, and… happier work environment.

But that’s not enough to achieve long-term success. You also need to fulfill a lot more business-related goals. And with the use of Planhat, Natilik has:

With Planhat, Natilik is also available to save time across teams as it allows more clients to be supported with existing resources. One estimate is that they save 33 days of effort per annum across existing Client Success teams from the point of system go-live. They have also been able to hold off recruiting as the teams now can handle more tasks with increased efficiency.

But as it so often is, the biggest wins are beyond actionable data and financials.

"At Natilik, we are on a journey, and to have a partner like Planhat that joins us on this journey is fantastic. The relationship we have, the discussions with our CSMs, the EBRs where we plan ahead together, the synergy between Natilik and Planhat, and how we create value together… that’s an outstanding part of what Planhat offers."

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