How UXCam Simplified Customer Success With a Customer Platform

A single source of truth for all customer data.

Automations for increased efficicency

Reduced tech stack and improved ROI


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Susan Ostojska

Susan Ostojska

Vice President of Customer Success

I simply can't imagine not having Planhat anymore. It would be a disaster to go back to the processes we had before.
"The main challenge for us was that we didn't have a single source of truth about our customers. Neither did we have a good way of managing our customers and tasks."

Many businesses aim to streamline workflows and decrease techstacks – but how can you do it successfully? And how can a Customer Success team do it, and become even better? For UXCam, a leader in mobile app experience analytics, they decided to give its Customer Success team the best possible setup in order to provide maximum value for both customers and critically the entire organization.

“We used Hubspot as our CRM and we also used it to keep track of tasks – but we didn't have enough information about how our customers used our platform. We had something, but it wasn’t enough.”

The key challenge for UXCams CS team was that they did not have one place in which to access all their customer and product data. Neither did the team have a single way of managing their customers and tasks. Every action required multiple products and multiple actions – a very manual and inefficient way of working. To make matters worse, when reaching out to customers to check their adoption or health, they had to go through five different CS tools.

  • The CS team worked across five different tools.

  • No single source of truth for any relevant customer data.

  • Unable to be proactive or use triggers and automations.

“Now we use a lot of automations and data triggers to notify us when something happens. For example, if a user is not logging in, or when a user hits a limit – and there is the potential for an upsell."

UXCam began methodically using Planhat to monitor all user and company activity. Then, they completely changed the way they work – removing repetitive manual tasks and transforming how they use playbooks. Another main benefits for UXCam has been having all customer data in one place. Not only can other teams access the same data thanks to Planhat's unique licensing agreement, but data can be easily pushed from Hubspot to Planhat – without the need of developers – which helps the team a lot.

  • Key integrations with software such as Hubspot and Jira.

  • Use triggers for playbooks and automate repetitive tasks.

  • Consolidate customer data and easily apply filters.

"We now have better knowledge of our customers, from different perspectives, from activity to their overall health as well. Plus, we have NPS in Planhat too – feedback is incredibly important."

Thanks to Planhat’s customer platform UXCam now has a single source of truth for all their customer data. As well as being more data-driven, the UXCam team is now able to be more proactive with renewals processes, among other tasks that have been automated and improved. Overall the CS team is increasing ROI, working smarter, and on the path to even greater sustainability.

  • A single source of truth for all customer data.

  • Reduced CS tech stack from five tools down to one platform.

  • Huge amount of time saved thanks to streamlined workflows.

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