How THRIVE integrates Planhat with Hubspot to improve NRR and upsells

Boosted upsells 24%

Made NRR trackable

Reduced churn

Increased ROI


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Ryan O'Connell

Ryan O'Connell

Chief Operating Officer

Now we all have a finger on the pulse of our customers – the insights Planhat gives us are crucial.

THRIVE creates learning solutions that turbocharge modern businesses and the people powering them. With data-driven personalisation at its core, its learning and skills platform offers an all-in-one approach to upskilling, learning, communications, and collaborative knowledge sharing. THRIVE is already transforming learning cultures at the likes of Sysco, Ted Baker, Krispy Kreme, and Sky. Together with Planhat it is now taking its customer success to the next level, improving how it manages both customer growth and retention.

"The problem was that we were using Hubspot as our CRM for all our existing customers. And in reality, it didn't work. There was no feasible way I could get an overview of our NRR using Hubspot."

Any subscription-based business quickly becomes a game of numbers. And, for THRIVE’s Chief Operating Officer Ryan O'Connell, tracking Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), needed to be complimented with greater data transparency, as well as the monitoring of key metrics such as Net Revenue Retention (NRR).

  • Using Hubspot as the CRM for existing customers didn’t work.

  • Track and report on NRR to understand business opportunities.

  • Quickly get an overview of customers' health.

  • Improving the customer experience for all departments.

"From the start, I could sense what a game changer this could be. From increasing visibility of customer insights to making it easier to pick up conversations if a colleague is off or away or viewing company performance, I could tell Planhat would improve both the customer experience and our processes."

THRIVE uses Planhat's flexibility and its pricing model with unlimited seating, to give all its departments insight into customer performance. From marketing, to sales, and management, the entire organization is now focused on customer experience.

  • Planhat’s flexibility and pricing model gives every department access to the platform.

  • Sales and marketing can use Planhat for a better understanding of customers.

  • Customer Operations and Customer Success create a better customer experience.

  • Smooth integration with Hubspot enables leadership to track NRR.

"Our upsells are 24% higher this year than last year. Now we can see when customers are approaching their license limit and speak to them beforehand. It's all thanks to the visibility we get from our customers."

Today, Hubspot works smoothly, Ryan O'Connell and his team can track health scores, and the THRIVE leadership team can follow NRR to see how it grows their business. Planhat as a customer platform has proven even more valuable than they initially hoped for.

  • Management gets a better overview with correct business insights.

  • Increased license upsells due to better customer visibility.

  • Planhat’s versatility reduces overall tech stack and licensing costs.

  • Customers at risk are identified early on, resulting in lower churn.