Mitigating churn by integrating Planhat with Salesforce

Integration with Salesforce

Complete Data transparency

Efficient CS-organization

Better financial overview


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Heidi Islann

Heidi Islann

Vice President of Customer Success

With Planhat, we get a great 360 view of our customers. Also, the team is innovative, and the platform is evolving in an impressive way. In the long run, we know Planhat will improve Pexip as a company.

Pexip is a video communication platform that empowers enterprises and organizations to transform their interactions with video. Today, they have over 500 employees in 17 countries with its headquarters in Oslo, Norway. Pexip offers both self-hosted and as-a-service deployment options. Their products are sold and deployed through a network of channel partners, to customers ranging from small and medium-sized businesses within healthcare, finance, legal, education, and retail to global giants like Spotify, Vodafone, and Paypal –all the way to government. All with the same goal: to create better, more secure, and more effective video meetings.

"We needed a platform where we could put all our customer data, from billing to communications to customer health and product usage, in one single place."

With a broad spectrum of customers, varying in size and industry, and both a service solution and a self-hosted solution, the team at Pexip found themselves managing their customers in several different systems, from Salesforce and Zendesk to Hubspot, Slack, Microsoft Excel, and Dropbox. And because of all these systems, getting an overview of the customers was difficult. They needed a tool that could bring all their customers under one umbrella.

  • Customer data is stuck in many different data silos.

  • Difficulty getting an overview of customers and their health.

  • Short implementation time is needed to accomplish a low time to value.

  • The lack of playbooks meant onboarding new customers was time-consuming.

"Planhat could get analytics on our customer's usage, we could service customers' data from our CRM platform, do stakeholder mapping and get a really good 360 overview. It gave us a sense of what we have, and also what we don’t have!"

Today there are many departments within Pexip that use the information that is gathered within Planhat: sales ops, business ops, managers, marketing, and of course - the Customer Success department. The CSMs use Planhat to organize their customer portfolio, create filters, keep track of upcoming renewals and get a 360 overview of their customers. With Planhat, Pexip finally has one single customer platform that ingests information from multiple datasets. Now the data has become a trustful tool instead of a source of annoyance.

  • Integrations with Salesforce were a key driver for success

  • Different departments all share the same customer data.

  • Identifying data gaps and areas for improvement.

  • Helping CSMs manage time and handle their growing customer portfolios.

"I’m super impressed by the revenue module. Previously we spent a lot of time extracting reports using Spreadsheets because Salesforce wasn’t able to net out the revenue. Now we can get NRR, gross churn, full churn all in one place… that’s huge."

With Planhat, Pexip has a holistic overview of all their customers; from early on, they could see the results for their Customer Success department. And with Planhat’s depth, flexibility and pricing model with unlimited seats; new use cases keep showing up for more and more departments across their growing organization.

  • Complete customer overview mitigates churn.

  • The revenue module saves time and money.

  • NPS-score provides new customer insights.

  • A strong partnership increases value over time.