Qulture.Rocks | Case Study


"Customer Portals, Playbook and Dashboards working together increased our onboarding NPS from 74 to 78 and response rate from 38% to 54% in 3 months."

Qulture.Rocks is a fully customizable performance management solution that helps growing companies, manage and track goals, build development plans for employees, and more. It is a platform that suits your culture, not the other way around.

| What challenges did they have?

  1. Inefficient use of data - important meeting notes and to-do lists were normally sent as long emails to Qulture.Rocks customers. These emails were generally not read so ISMs and CSMs had to revisit the same topics in the next meeting, making it very unproductive and inefficient.

  2. Management and finance inconsistencies - a large need for a space to concentrate customer management and invoices on one platform.

  3. No routine or standardization - ISMs and CSMs routines require optimization, ideally by creating automations for NPS responses, email templates, churn prevention action plans and upsell opportunity action plans.

| How did Planhat help?

Providing shared spaces with the Customer Portal

Key processes in the customer journey are aligned by enabling the team to share success plans, playbooks, dashboards, goals, documents and more with the customer in a Qulture.Rocks branded Customer Portal. Planhat provides a great solution to the unproductive long emails and meeting calls.

Creating Playbooks and custom tasks

Playbooks and custom tasks were set up, which helped streamline the process for Qulture.Rocks CSs team. This enables them to focus on customers who need attention.

Enabling the team to see the full lifecycle management

Planhat provided Qulture.Rock with a complete picture of their customer’s journey. Including important triggers for automatic action plan alerts, which ultimately prevented churn.

Streamlining the onboarding process

The complete step by step onboarding guide enabled a better and more fluid process to improve customer experience for Qulture.Rock.

"We used to spend around 2 hours for each customer handover (1h analyzing customer data and historic and 1h on a meeting with the new CSM). Today, using Customer Portal, we have access to all critical information of the customer and able to summarize every important information in 20 minutes, that's around 80% time-saving!"

Centralized communication across teams

Planhat centralises Qulture.Rocks communication, processes updates and customer data in an easy and effective way, using an intuitive UI and complete Dashboards.

| What was the impact?

With Planhat, Qulture.Rocks has been able to centralize all the customer data. It's been vital to the CS team in maintaining a real-time pulse on customer health. It has also improved the onboarding customer experience as well as the prediction of churn.

There has been an increase in efficiency as triggers and the dashboard help ISMs and CSM teams take full control of accounts and be focused on customers that need attention. Planhat also provides revenue metrics and invoices in one place, helping Qulture.Rock to develop concrete data.

"Planhat is the perfect platform to register crucial information about the customer and to manage accounts. The best part is that we can share solutions, goals, files, meeting notes and dashboards to sustain the perfect success plan for them. Customer Portal is what really makes the difference when comparing Planhat with any other player."

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