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"Planhat has not only become our one source of truth when it comes to customer communication, but also the repository of all company touchpoints for our customers. Over the last 12 months, we have increased customer retention by 10%, finally achieving net positive retention."

Recruitee is a modern Talent Acquisition Platform, designed for recruiters and hiring managers alike. With Recruitee, you can address the needs of your hiring team at any stage of organizational growth. Whether you're a hiring first-timer or have been leading a robust hiring strategy for years, Recruitee has the tools to make your job easier. Recruitee is designed to help you launch your hiring, scale your strategies, and lead your hiring team.

The easy-to-use software means you can spend less time training and more time hiring. Recruitee's award-winning software is used by high-growth companies such as Toyota, VICE, Dunkin' Donuts, Hotjar, African Wildlife Foundation, and Karl Lagerfeld.

| What challenges did they have?

  1. Scattered customer information with no overview - segregated customer information meant that the only way for Recruitee to view a customer's activity was to manually search for specific account metrics.

  2. No automation - with no automation the team had to spend much of their time carrying out time-intensive, repetitive tasks.

  3. Difficult-to-manage the customer journey - which made it tough for Recruitee to deliver the right touchpoints at the right time.

  4. Almost impossible to identify churn risks -the complexity to identify data points and measure customer health made it difficult for Recruitee to determine which accounts were most likely to churn and needed to be prioritized.

  5. Customer Success was mainly onboarding - the CS team was built from the ground up, which meant the onboarding process was not only manual but resulted in CSMs spending much of their time chasing clients or fielding replies.

| How did Planhat help?

Integrations have created a clear overview of each account in one place

Planhat has allowed Recruitee to track and visualise customer usage data in one place and in real time. This enables them to focus on driving customer experience and success.

Automation of key activities (onboarding, renewals, business reviews)

Automation was key for Recruitee as it enabled them to streamline their customer processes. Planhats automation tools drove engagement and defined milestones to track overall activity.

"We love the ability to automate actions and tasks based on customer behavior. It is very user-friendly and easy to set-up, including integrations. The number of native integrations ensures that we can set up the system within our CS team without depending on other internal resources."

Customer journey management by segment/profile

Planhat provided the Recruitee team with a complete picture of their customer’s journey and highlighted areas for improvement.

Health scores have helped with portfolio management and churn prevention

Planhat enables Recruitee to create actions which in turn create true insights. For example, changes in their health scores alert the CSMs of risks or opportunities.

| What was the impact?

Planhat has not only become the one source of truth when it comes to customer communication, but also the repository of all company touchpoints for customers. Being able to combine usage and financial data with human interactions, like support tickets, customer calls or NPS, enabled Recruitee to be relevant for each customer and proactive in their progresses. Recruitee developed the customer journey beyond onboarding to maximize adoption and retention with great success. Planhat has helped find and activate ambassadors, which has led to more customer content and constructive chats for Recruitee with an very exciting journey ahead.

"Over the last 12 months, we have increased customer retention by 10%, finally achieving net positive retention."

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