Helping Workato establish better relationships with their customers


"Planhat has enabled us to have a clearer understanding of our customers and therefore, helped us to establish better relationships."

Workato is an Enterprise Automation platform that integrates anything and automates everything. Their no-code platform enables both business and IT to drive business outcomes by listening out for business events and taking action on them. The end goal? So enterprises can achieve faster digital transformation.

| The Challenges

  • No onboarding process for customers

  • Difficult to identify churn risk

  • Difficult to track customer interactions

The biggest challenge for Workato was their lack of onboarding process, which was critical as they needed to create streamlined and standardized processes for their customers. With no onboarding process in place, Workato was unable to ensure adoption and value delivery to their customers. Without unified customer data, it was difficult to identify and manage risk within the portfolio. Ultimately, Workato lacked technology to ensure proactive interactions with their customers and no ways to set high priority alerts for the team. With a number of different communication channels, Workato also struggled to track customer interactions, and they did not maintain a regular cadence with their customers.

| The Solution

  • Unifying customer data in one place

  • Providing a visual representation of customer usage

  • Customer segmentation to take action at the right time

  • Real-time automated customer lifecycle updates

  • Standardizing customer processes

  • Concise NPS scores

With Planhat, Workato has unified all customer data. All data, from product usage data, meeting notes, and data from other applications such as Salesforce, Freshdesk, and Intercom, is now in one place. This means that the team no longer needs to spend time gathering information from multiple sources. Using a Workato recipe*, Snowflake and Planhat were integrated and raw product usage metrics were automatically synced from Snowflake to Planhat.

*A recipe is a set of steps Workato follows to get work down between apps.

By introducing filters and segmentation Workato it’s now possible for the Workato team to focus on the right customers and customer segments at the right time. They can easily filter task types as they are synced with all their different sources, and they are able to view the customers’ lifecycle phase through the Kanban view. In addition, Planhat provides real-time automated customer lifecycle updates, based on changes in customer behaviour or following goal completion.

The implementation of Playbooks has helped create standardized processes for various types of customers. By going from inconsistent to consistent processes, Workato enabled scalability within their success team.

“Using Planhat, our team is able to spend less time on information gathering and work with greater efficiency.”

Planhats' concise NPS module makes sending surveys, calculating, and recording NPS scores easy, without the need to create complicated marketing campaigns.

| The Impact

Planhat has enabled Workato to establish better relationships with their customers. Customer correspondences are now synchronized and always up-to-date, meaning less time is spent recording notes and creating reports, enabling them to be dedicated to the customers. Since using Planhat, all customer information is consolidated in a single place, enabling everyone to work faster and get new team members up to speed quicker.

“Since using Planhat, all our customer information is consolidated in a single place. Overall, it has greatly improved user experience and efficiency of the team.”

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