Multiply one another

Planhat is a new centre of gravity for cross-functional collaboration. Our unique data architecture points your data inwards, towards the customer, not out to siloed departments. It keeps your team on the same page, eliminating process inefficiency. Handoff seamlessly from Sales to Operations, Success and Support to Product and Engineering - all in one tool.

Central Inbox
A render representing the ability to consolidate customer communications into one team inbox.

Share & collaborate on customer-facing comms

All for one

Rally around your customer like never before. Access every customer-facing conversation from a central, searchable inbox your entire team can access and contribute to. View and interact with multi-channel conversations effortlessly in chronological order, by tags, and through deeply custom filtering and sorting.


Consolidate every customer touchpoint into a unified thread. Assign users to chats, tickets and emails, and discuss comms with embedded commenting, mentions and reactions on every conversation.

Calendar events

Sync meetings and events from your calendar with Planhat, classified by conversation type and organised into a chronological touch point timeline.

Granular filtering

Build deeply configured views of all your conversations using a flexible form-fill interface. Enable Support teams to build a triage for reviewing, updating and prioritising tickets before they’re added to the teams’ workflow, or Success and Sales to flag high-priority comms based on text analysis, such as email threads containing mention of “renewal”, “contracts” or “alignment”.

Powerful search

Find any conversation you’re looking for in seconds with search on natural language and property criteria.


Structure and organise all your conversations with custom, multi-select labels to ensure your team can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.

A render of Planhat's notifications modal.

Coordinate with timely precision

Your new center of attention

Stay on the same page as your team and handover effortlessly between workflows with smart notifications on the objects and accounts that matter to you.

Track the small things

Get notified about any change happening in your workspace, configured all the way from a generic object update, to updates on specific fields, specific values, and even specific users.

Follow what’s important to you

Manage which objects you follow and configure which updates you want to be notified about. Configure rules to auto-follow and receive smart updates on objects you create, update, are mentioned on or have commented on.

Flexible routing

Select where to be notified. Receive real-time notifications via Slack, email, Webhooks and more, or enable daily email digests which group notifications into synthesised summaries.

Deeply customisable

Personalise notification messages with custom replacement codes to provide additional context, embed Slack mentions, and more.

Templates & Snippets
A render of an email template in Planhat.

Implement standard practice

Scale up the small things

Set up and roll-out best practice note-taking, reporting and comms with a custom library of text snippets and templates. Iterate and experiment on messaging and documentation without creating inconsistency.

Text snippets

Turn any text string into a universal snippet you can use and reuse across your entire workspace. Apply snippets with a simple # shortcut from any text field.

Email templates

Build a robust suite of HTML email templates with custom replacement codes for any property, ranging from names and signatures to recipient or account-specific context.

Pages & metrics

Access a purpose-built library of templated complete-the-sentence metric formulas and drag-and-drop dashboard layouts to extract meaningful insight from your data in minutes, not months.

A render of a short discussion thread in Planhat.

Keep all the context

Collaborate with context

Communicate with your team in threads associated directly with the objects you’re talking about, so every message is set clearly in context.


Almost everything in Planhat is commentable. Interacting on object-specific threads reduces the need for ad-hoc alignment calls and data analyses, because discussions develop organically and asynchronously, right on the object they’re about. Comments in Planhat can be augmented with links, images, videos and other files.

Mentions & reactions

Discussions are dynamic. Mention your teammates to nudge them into action and react to previous messages with 👍, 😊, 😩 or any other emoji.

A render of time series data, a workflow and key workflow tasks accessible via Planhat's customer portal.

Deliver results together

Share your reality

Launch interactive ecosystems with each of your customers. Drive outcomes collaboratively by mirroring tasks, workflows, dashboards, documents and more. Improve alignment, provide a fully custom, white-labelled experience, and discuss anything asynchronously.


Portals are an extension of your Planhat ecosystem that appear to be custom-made by you. Serve your customer in a rich, branded environment that feels like a virtual extension of your own office.

Document drive

Build your own document repository from a light Notion-like editor supporting embedded content and widgets. Track, share and collaborate on documents internally and externally in real-time.

Versatile content library

Build and deploy a suite of content, ranging from documents and dashboards to workflows, shared goals, files and custom HTML pages. Auto-create portals for your customers with the right ecosystem of content, based on their segment, lifecycle stage and more.

Real-time & interactive

Split-second syncing allows you to collaborate with customers on documents, workflows and dashboards in real-time. Portals become your shared notepad, feeding directly into your existing tasks, notes and conversations so you can cut out the lengthy call debrief.

Tracked & secured

Planhat tracks every time portals are accessed, so you can monitor activity and evaluate adoption. These events are automatically built into time-series metrics, so your team can analyse and report on usage over time and optimise how and when you bring portals into the picture.

Slack Sync
A render of a message from Planhat's Slack bot in a Slack channel.

Summon Planhat insights wherever you are

Bring Planhat into Slack

Tap into your customer workflows right from Slack. Receive smart notifications on mentions, comments, and more directly from our Planhat bot, as a DM, or in any channel you like.

Embedded Slack Bot

Route any notification or custom signal to Planhat’s Slackbot so you’re up to date on the headlines, even when you’re on the go.

Quick Account Summaries

Summon @planhat anywhere in Slack for detailed, highly custom on-demand, on-the-go account summaries.

Linked Mentions

Receive rich messages including specific user and channel mentions and links to related Planhat objects and discussion threads. Click through to take instant action from your Planhat workspace.

Start delivering results, not promises

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