Do it your way

Planhat consists of horizontal technologies, not point solutions. This flexibility means it is capable of capturing the nuances of your business in a way that other tools can't, from unique revenue models to domain-specific properties, processes and terminology. The result is a highly tailored and intuitive experience no matter whether you’re serving a hundred customers, or a hundred thousand.

Health Lab
A render representing Planhat's health lab where customer health is being simulated.

Define and track customer health

Your personal pulse-check

Synthesise all your customer KPIs into a single, meaningful signal. Tailor health scores by customer segment and simulate updates before affecting existing scores.

Highly programmable

Combine any Planhat property, static or dynamic, into a single weighted 0 to 10 metric. Add criteria based on simple thresholds or linear scales, bounded and unbounded, and decide exactly how missing values should impact on scores.

Per-segment scoring

Create unique health profiles, consisting of different properties, numeric impacts and weightings for every customer segment.

Simulate updates

Calibrate health scores without impacting negatively on your ongoing workflows, metrics, automations, and more. Simulate any update to understand its impact on the distribution of health scores across affected companies.

Custom Profiles
A render showing the ability to customize Planhat for a breadth of use cases across companies, schools and hospitals.

Work across segments and industries in a dedicated way

Talk their language

Profiles are your customer control centre, which means they should represent your customer’s specific business and objectives as clearly as possible. Create a suite of different profile configurations shown based on both company and user conditions, ensuring that you’re always talking your customer’s language.

Flexible structure

Customise the sidebar and tab structure, and implement a completely custom suite of dashboards and presentation slides automatically filtered to the specific company being viewed and the viewer’s permissions.

Two-layer configuration

Apply sophisticated company and user criteria to determine how the company profile will appear, via a simple form-fill interface.

Page & profile library

Build a rich library of custom pages and company profiles to streamline and accelerate value delivery for every customer segment.

Model renaming

Don’t be tied down to companies, end users and products if you speak in terms of schools, students, and assignments; hospitals, doctors and treatments; or whatever it is that drives your business.

A render showing how custom workspaces can be configured in Planhat for distinct purposes like Customer Success, Sales and Support.

Bring everyone in, without the clutter

Architected around your needs

Workspaces allow you to shape the entire Planhat user experience. They’re distinct environments consisting of views, filters, documents and workflows architected around your teams use case. Let Sales put lead scoring and conversion dashboards front-and-center, while Support prioritise CSAT and closed chats, and Success benchmark on upsells.

Custom app architecture

Customise the entire platform around your team. Optimise the sidebar, tab structure, filters, views - and more - so your team can flow effortlessly through their daily tasks with a minimal interface that promotes focus.

Document drive

A Notion-like document editor built into your customer platform. Develop your internal wiki, share and collaborate on documents in real-time, and apply granular access controls at both document and folder levels.

Query manager

No-code query your entire database using simple form-fill criteria or natural language search. Reference any object property, existing filters, related objects and more. Save queries as universally accessible filters, and share them with other users.

A render showing how Planhat data can be transformed with a simple modular formula.

Build and edit formulas with an intuitive editor

Cut through the noise

Extract the signals that mean most to you by mutating any datapoint in Planhat, across objects, with absolutely no code. Deploy a suite of 30+ time-series metric templates to get up-and-running in minutes.

Formula Fields & Calculated Metrics

Combine and transform static and time-series data with formula fields (static properties) and calculated metrics (dynamic properties). Build with freedom using

Parent-child referencing

Reference and summarise properties and metrics on child objects such as end users, assets and projects, at company level.

Template library

Apply 30+ out-of-the-box calculated metric templates accommodating the most common use cases, ranging from simple period summaries and period-on-period change to more complex threshold-based signals.

Code Editor
A render showing how entirely custom Javascript code can be written in and run on Planhat.

Develop Planhat applications and flows from scratch

Build without limits

Write the code you wish we already had. Code Editor allows you to create end-to-end applets from scratch on top of Planhat, and trigger them on demand.

Raw JavaScript applications

Write custom JavaScript that runs in your browser as you to perform any action, inside or outside of Planhat. Build completely unique commands, operations and action flows for ingesting, moving, mutating and acting on data.

On-demand execution

Execute your code on demand, on a fixed schedule, or triggered by any event, inside or outside of Planhat.

Collaborate & share

Store and share your snippets with colleagues and collaborators in a personal Planhat code repo.

API & Data Flows
An abstract visual showing Planhat connected to many other tools.

Connect Planhat to your entire ecosystem

Cool, calm and connected

A robust data infrastructure in harmony with the rest of your stack.

Planhat API

Query and mutate data using Planhat’s intuitive API to build custom data pipelines and third-party workflows.

Auto-import from cloud storage

Consolidate your customer data rapidly by connecting your cloud storage provider to Planhat. Auto-import flat files from Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and AWS S3 with a simple complete-the-sentence configurator.

Low-code flows

Use Planhat’s native no-code if-this, then-that automation flow builder, suite of complete-the-sentence automation templates, or integrations to Zapier and Stitch to build custom data-driven applets.

Start delivering results, not promises

See why Planhat is the tool of choice for the world’s most customer-centric businesses.