Architect around your customer

Planhat is designed to bring clarity and order to your customer data. It helps you to get a holistic overview, keep data sources synced and data organised & actionable. You don’t need to worry about cleaning and structuring your data in Planhat - good hygiene comes as standard.

A render of a customer profile with key datapoints and time-series usage data.

A dedicated view for customer data

Get the whole picture

Forget hunting for details. Get them all at a glance from a real-time directory of every metric, related object, past and future interaction.

Featured properties

Customise profiles to feature and sort the properties that mean most to you, whether they’re time-series metrics or static fields.

Usage trends

Evaluate, compare and act on trends in key usage metrics right from profiles.


Search, filter and tag past and future interactions, sorted into a well-ordered timeline view so you can understand every account in context.

A render representing Planhat's filtering by highlighting a subset of rows in a data table.

Group and segment on anything

Like meet like

Planhat’s powerful filters are granular and flexible. Apply filters, additional matching criteria and filter combinations to refine any object list down to the core items you need to focus on. Identify patterns across your data and take action in targeted ways by defining clear segments across any object.

Flexible configurator

Define filters with no code. Apply criteria relating to any property in a matter of clicks with a simple form-fill interface, feature and order properties, apply custom sorting and grouping, and choose between board and table views. Get notified whenever a new item enters specific filters.

Use it anywhere

Every filter you create is added to a global library and becomes accessible to anyone with relevant permissions. Apply quick filtering to any data view, dashboard or visualisation, use filters in Health Scoring, automations and applets for operations like dynamic task assignment.

Nested filters

Reference filters inside one another using a large suite of operators to create granular data subsets from flexible building blocks. Include or exclude parts of filters and combine filters to show views with all or any filters applied.

Cross-object referencing

Build a filter on one object referencing properties of a related object, like “All companies with licenses up for renewal in the next 30 days”.

Portfolio filtering

See only the objects related to companies in your personal portfolio as you navigate Planhat, and quickly switch to access portfolios relating to any other user or team.

A render representing Planhat's board or kanban view and its standard data table view.

Interact directly with your data

As you like it

Work with your data as you need it to be.


The power of a data warehouse with the usability of a spreadsheet. Select featured columns, grouping and sorting to extract insights and make decisions at a glance.


Think Trello, supercharged. Turn line items into interactive drag-and-drop tiles. Arrange them into groups and categories, sort columns, customise each tile’s information layout, and more.


Organise tasks into timelines, show dependencies, quick-filter and assign statuses from an intuitive calendar view.

Conditional styling

Apply styles to data conditionally, no matter how its viewed. Use our sophisticated no-code form-fill to flag upcoming renewals in red, recently touched in green, and more. Make complex at-a-glance decisions faster and more intuitive.

A render representing Planhat's company hierarchy structure.

Work with your customers' divisions, regions, offices and more

From the ground up

Customers are complex. Managing them involves meetings, tickets, emails, licenses, invoices, NPS campaigns and more. They’re also global, with business units across continents, countries and regions, and different decision-makers and touch-points at every level. And to complicate things further, they’re in constant flux: acquisitions, spin-offs, mergers, and more. Its easy for the data to get messy. Planhat’s data architecture is opinionated so it can capture every detail without harming visibility.


Summarise any company property at the org unit level.

Aggregate operations

Combine, transform and summarise fields and metrics across related objects. Analyse custom time-series of the number of unique products or devices used by a single end user, the number of active end users meeting a specific criteria, or the number of companies in a segment with a certain number of active end users.

Opinionated structure

Predefined object relations allow you to get up and running in days, not months. Data becomes intentionally structured around the customer according to best practices, so you can get more out of your entire tech stack, not just Planhat.

Writing Assistant
A render representing Planhat's AI writing assistant.

Communicate clearly & compellingly

Write less, say more

A fully integrated assistant built to summarise, synthesise and clarify notes, transcripts, threads and more.


Say what you’re saying, but better. Ask your AI-powered co-pilot to rephrase, structure, clarify and adjust tone.


Get the message, faster. Synthesise entire conversation threads into a short paragraph, get back up to speed with your customers and contacts in seconds.

Search & Logs
A render representing Planhat's spotlight search capabilities.

Find and create with a simple ⌘S

Eyes on everything

Every object and action in Planhat is tracked and stored in an intuitive, accessible way. Search your entire customer database in seconds, trace every change back to its owner, and navigate the entire app from a single text-based command box.

Hybrid search

Granular search across the entire platform. Combine natural language with property-level criteria to filter results down to the smallest detail.

Field history

Click into any static field to access an entire field history. Know when it changed, what change was made, and who was responsible.

Detailed logging

Access clear and intuitive logs of every single platform event. Navigate through quick links to investigate root causes and tighten up process compliance.

Log filtering

Filter logs by time period, object, action, actor, company and more. If navigating your history is like finding a needle in a haystack, log filtering is your super-magnet.

Command box

Flow through Planhat with shortcuts. Access recent companies and users, create any object, run imports and draft tasks and notes without leaving your current workflow behind.

Start delivering results, not promises

See why Planhat is the tool of choice for the world’s most customer-centric businesses.