Say it with data

You can’t become customer-centric without telling the right stories. Use Planhat’s advanced reporting to get the C-Suite on-side, fine-tune workflows, evaluate your teams’ performance during quarterly reviews, or demonstrate value created to your customer. Share any report automatically via email, as presentation-ready PDFs.

A render of a series of widgets including a bar chart, pie chart and line chart.

Present data however you need to

Instant analytics

Choose from 20+ unique data visualisations to convert your data into customer insight. Apply, configure and interact them in a matter of seconds to create new segments and filtered views.


Dedicated data visualisations ranging from simple stacked bar charts to radial graphs, time-series cohort charts and matrices.

Powerful data processing

Planhat’s widgets are built on a unique analytics architecture built in partnership with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This means you can even analyse highly unstructured data in a structured way. For example, our Advanced Matrix allows Cisco partners to compute and rank 10,000s of dynamic product categories in two dimensions in a matter of seconds.

Deeply configurable

Every widget comes with a universe of 15+ input parameters as standard, in addition to custom segmentation, reference values, and much more. Each widget can be filtered using your global filter library or custom form-fill criteria.

Quick compare

Simply search and select metrics to evaluate, benchmark and contrast time series trends across different time periods, at different aggregation levels, summarised across specific segments and accounts.


Click on specific datapoints and bar segments to access a detailed view with additional context and route to a ready-filtered data table for action.

A render of a drag-and-drop canvas of widgets, forming a single-page Planhat report.

Assemble insightful dashboards

Captivate your audience

Combine widgets to build compelling stories, powered by data.

Plug & play structures

Present visualisations in a free-form canvas dashboard, Google Slides-inspired presentation deck, or predefined modular snap-to-fill grids designed for speed and beauty.

Granular filtering

Filter widgets on a page dynamically with natural language, filters from your global library, form-fill criteria, or by specific company portfolios.

Deep permissions

Each canvas respects every users’ precise role permissions and company portfolio. No matter whether they access the canvas from inside Planhat or via an external sharepoint, authorised users will see what they’re meant to, and nothing more.

Lightning fast

Switch between your most essential dashboards to extract instant insight. Planhat has partnered with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to render even the most computationally intensive canvases in a matter of seconds.

Beautiful and engaging

Enhance canvases with custom fonts, text styles, colouring, shading, padding, borders, and much more. Define your organisations’ style guide centrally to ensure all your widgets and canvases match your brand identity as standard.

Export & share

Distribute insights effortlessly. Export to PDF and deploy password-protected sharepoints with defined expiry dates, view limits, portfolio filtering and access monitoring.

Revenue Insights
A render of Planhat's default revenue reporting dashboard.

Never lose sight of the bottom line

Revenue retention in focus

Understand your revenue like never before. Access opinionated, revenue-retention focused reporting out of the box. Track your recurring base, renewal rate, bookings, renewals and cash flow automatically from your ongoing licenses and invoices.

Audit-ready insight

Rally your organisation around revenue retention. Access crucial metrics like renewal rate, gross churn and customer churn out of the box, and trace them right back to specific accounts, workflows and lifecycle events.

Flexible revenue models

Model your revenue model effortlessly, no matter how unique. However you classify bookings, renewals and upsells or define churn, Planhat allows you to extract the metrics you need to optimise your business and benchmark your performance.

At-a-glance forecasting

Aggregate and report on revenue forecasts automatically from logged opportunities. Visualise predicted best and worst case revenue scenarios to drive action around mission-critical deals and upsells.

Workflow Economics
A render of a line chart indicating team economics.

Discover what works

Outcome obsession

Every action should get your customer closer to their objectives. Planhat’s workflows are built to drive outcomes, with embedded project and sequence progress summaries, custom properties for time-tracking and value delivery, flexible hypothesis testing through widgets, and more.

Progress analytics

Every workflow has a completion forecast and percentage completion as standard. Planhat automatically highlights delayed workflows and provides a clear account-by-account overview of workflow progress across your entire portfolio.

Value delivery monitoring

Create custom workflow-based visualisations using deeply configurable widgets. Analyse average completion within a project’s first 30 days to calibrate future value delivery expectations, or summarise sequence’s open or click rate to evaluate and optimise for engagement.

Hypothesis testing

Build filtered views based on completed projects and sequences to identify average lift in core KPIs such as product adoption and health and optimise processes accordingly.

Performance Monitoring
A render of a dashboard focused on benchmarking the performance of particular team members.

Align results and incentives

Measure your team on outcomes, not output

Set the right incentives and expectations by measuring your team the same way you measure your business - on revenue retention. Know how much heavy lifting your team members are doing at a glance, and clearly benchmark your team on one another across two axes.


Put your team into context, evaluating their workload and performance across two axes based on real-time metrics including their number of paying companies, average account revenue and health, tasks due, and much more.

Workload analytics

Out-of-the-box metrics give you an at-a-glance overview of each team members’ task load, portfolio engagement via calls, meetings and other conversations, and more.

Success metrics

Summarise KPIs across each team members’ portfolio to evaluate how effectively they’re delivering value and driving net revenue retention.

Data Export
A render showing a CSV logo, a Microsoft Excel logo and a Google Sheets logo.

Build on top of robust data

Drive your data further

Export every datapoint from Planhat in a clean and structured way. Take dashboarding, reporting, and analytics further across your existing BI stack.

Clean & structured

Planhat’s data architecture is clean and well-defined, with a logical hierarchy. Once your data’s been through Planhat, it’s ready for anything.

Custom export

Export any data to .csv.

Segment using your universal filter library or ad-hoc property-based criteria and make granular item-by-item selections. Set custom date ranges for time-series exports.

Permissions & monitoring

Control who can export specific data models and accounts using rich role- and team-based permissioning.

Start delivering results, not promises

See why Planhat is the tool of choice for the world’s most customer-centric businesses.