How to grow CS while focusing on customer outcomes

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Many companies talk about customer-led growth and customer-focused business plans. But what does that actually mean? For example, how do you measure customer outcomes and what is the limitation of those metrics?

In this episode, our host Anika Zubair chats with Markus Rentsch, CEO at Remark-able about how to grow customer success while focusing on customer outcomes.

Markus Rentsch is the CEO of Remark-able, a consulting company helping SaaS companies to turn churn into profitable growth. He is passionate about challenging the status quo and coming up with new ideas, and as a consultant his mission is to take his customers to the top.

Marcus has helped a number of SaaS businesses create the Customer-Value-Led-Growth business model, which is a unique approach to delivering, growing, and monetising customer value.

“The biggest issue I've identified for CS teams is that there are often frameworks, processes and playbooks that are not based on the customer. Instead they are built from their own point of view that fits with the technology. For example, there are a lot of companies that are obsessed about net promoter scores, user activity, and health scores. But the thing is - none of these metrics really matter unless they translate into real customer outcomes.”

Listen now to the full conversation with Markus and Anika to learn more about how to grow customer success while focusing on customer outcomes.

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