Report: Customer Success Community Survey 2023

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Today, more so than ever, your customers are your greatest asset. And with sustainability and profitability now firmly on the lips of investors, plus an economic downturn looming on the horizon, customer success teams are set to play a key role in delivering growth.

To help your customer success team succeed in this arena, Planhat is excited to release the first edition of our Customer Success Community Survey. Featuring interviews and insights from over 75+ senior CS leaders and experts, this report offers valuable advice and analysis on five key topics that will shape customer success in 2023.

Download this report now for insight into how to be successful in driving not just value for your customers and CS team but for your wider business too.

Understanding how Customer Success teams are adapting and changing

In this report, we uncover the biggest trends and topics impacting and influencing customer success teams in 2023. According to our community survey, these include:

  1. NRR: is a key metric, but not the only one

  2. Customer success teams set to deliver greater revenue

  3. Teams expected to increase efficiency via automation

  4. Businesses are adopting greater customer centricity

  5. The growth of operational roles that align and refine CS

Download now to understand where customer success is heading in 2023 and know how best you can prepare your organization.

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Report: Customer Success Community Survey 2023

Download the Planhat Customer Success Community Survey 2023 to get the latest and most insightful predictions for your CS team.

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