The Growing Importance of RevOps

2 min read

With new technologies emerging, buying software that works together seamlessly is now far easier. However, the need for operational roles that align different functions and ensure everybody is striving towards the same goal to increase a business’s overall revenue is more critical than ever. Enter RevOps.

Mikko Honkanen, founder of Vainu, interviewed 50+ RevOps leaders and is an expert in understanding the role. In his recent presentation, he presents his findings and tells us why RevOps is the new hot role in B2B SaaS, what pitfalls to avoid with RevOps, and how data can help sales and marketing leaders build personalization at scale.

Key takeaways include:

  1. What you need to have in place to create a successful RevOps team and why data-driven analysis and strong communication and collaboration skills are important.

  2. When to hire for RevOps (typically when you have a proven product-market fit and are around the 50-employee mark, but this can vary).

  3. Why RevOps so often is built by transferring existing employees into the role.

This presentation was made during the Planhat X Vainus event adjacent to Slush 2022. At the event, Mika Honkanen was joined by Kaveh Rostampor, founder of Planhat, and Maxine Rior, principal at Northzone. Watch their presentations from the same event below:

Breaking into the US: What Every Nordic SaaS Business Should Know with Kaveh Rostampor from Planhat

How do you enter the US market as a SaaS company? Where do you begin? What are the pitfalls? And what are the five crucial steps that will set you up for long-term success? Download the presentation here.

The Metrics that Matter for Investors in an Economic Downturn with Maxine Rior from Northzone

Find out what metrics matter most for investors and how to think about valuation as markets change. Download the presentation here.

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