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In the subscription economy

...initial growth of a company comes from acquiring new customers, but future sustainable growth comes from maximizing the lifetime value of existing customers. That's where Planhat's Customer Success Software will help you out.

Revenue from existing customers is five to seven times less expensive, but still, too many businesses lack the tools that enable their teams to get the insights they need to handle renewals successfully. Well...Planhat does exactly that!

Planhat is a SaaS-based Customer Success Platform that helps customer success managers to manage their renewals, reduce their churn and grow their accounts.

Why we started Planhat

Having worked in B2B SaaS for the last decade, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly in this space.

Companies today have a hard time keeping their data up-to-date, and they don’t want more complicated and confusing products. Businesses need technology to gather relevant data, create insights and help make the customer success team productive.

Automation is key and machine learning will change the game.

We’ve set out to build an easy to use product that will take care of the heavy lifting in the background and allow businesses to focus on managing the relationships.

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