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Planhat Experts: 3 Visions for the Future of Customer Success

Join our end of year panel as they discuss how they believe Customer Success needs to change in 2022 and beyond.

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How Customer Retention Can Drive Your Sales

Customer retention isn't just a pretty metric to throw around but a key measurement on how well your business is doing and how to improve your sales.

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How to build effective health scores

Our host Anika Zubair chats with Andrew Marks, Co-Founder of SuccessHACKER, about how to build effective health scores.

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Why product adoption is broken in most SaaS companies

Watch our webinar with Lauren Cumming, Elise Marengo, Ryan O'Connell and Christian Jakenfelds as they discuss what mistakes most SaaS companies make with adoption.

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Customer Success Management Strategies & Best Practices

Customer Success Management is an important part of a customer success team and becomes vital in the transition from sales to support.

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The Only Customer Success Best Practices You Need

Customer Success best practices are critical for your Customer Success strategy, so what are the best customer success best practices?

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Top 9 Most Important Customer Success KPIs

You may have a great Customer Success strategy, but without Customer Success KPIs, how will you know why your strategy is working or if it's working at all?

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Customer Success Onboarding: Keep New Customers Happy

Customer success onboarding is a great way to start your customer's journey with your products; they'll already feel supported even as a new customer.

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Scaling CS for Commercial Returns

Watch our webinar with Christian Jakenfelds, Jeff Heckler, Anika Zubair, Andreas Knoefel, and Dickey Singh as they discuss scaling CS for commercial returns.

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Customer Success Journey Map: A How-To Guide

Before you begin implementing your Customer Success strategy, you'll want to make sure your company has a thorough customer success journey map in place.

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