Accelerate time to first value

Jordan Olivero is the Director of Customer Success at a fast growing, Series B, subscription business. In the first of our customer led webinar’s, he will be sharing best practices around how to accelerate time to first value in a high-touch customer success model.

Jordan is a modern customer success thinker and was brought into Swimlane when the company faced several critical customer success challenges often faced by fast growing companies. Swimlane was acquiring new customers at a fast rate, customers were high touch and had high demands, but the company had not standardized any customers processes, workflows were ad-hoc, health scores were tracked manually in a spreadsheet and there were multiple opportunities to improve efficiency.

In this webinar, Jordan will share some tips on how he solved these problems and worked to accelerate time to first value from signing for customers.

This webinar is available for customers, partners and anyone facing similar challenges or wanting to learn from an industry expert.

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