Balancing the 'human element' vs automation in CS


Automations can be hugely beneficial for any SaaS company as it provides 24/7 support to your customers and reduces the cost of human resources. However, in a world where AI is fast taking over, the need for human interactions in a customer facing role like CS is more important than ever. So, how do you get the right balance?

Planhat and Jiminny are pleased to present our webinar on balancing the “human element” vs automation in CS. We will be joined by our special guest Bekkie Wetz, Director of Client Success at Jiminny, a platform for all your customer conversations and a place to record, transcribe and analyze your calls and meetings in real-time so you can capture every data point.

Bekkie has been immersed in the world of CS for over 12 years. She started her career in a rapidly scaling HR tech business in both the UK before moving to the US to set up and scale the team. Now, she’s back on home ground in the UK as Director of the CS team at Jiminny, a sales intelligence platform. She is deep in transforming the CS function from a small unit to be a scalable, successful team.

In this engaging webinar you will learn:

  1. How to move from zero automation in order to scale

  2. Digging deep into customer segmentation

  3. How and when to start automations

  4. Understanding the balance between human interaction and automation

Bekkie discusses the importance of automation in order to scale but also the need to keep human interactions at the forefront of every customer.

Download to watch the full video now.

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