Best Practices in Leading Brilliant Customer Success

Customers are the cornerstone to any business, they keep the company going so it's inevitable you work hard not only to get them but to also keep them.

This means the role of the Customer Success Manager is more important than ever. They are there to improve experiences and retain your customer. But what are the Best Practices when it comes to leading the ever important Customer Success?

Planhat and Alexander Consultancy are pleased to present our #WebinarWednesday on Best Practices in Customer Success. Hosted and presented by James “Alex” Alexander, Founder of Alexander Consulting and Author or Brilliant Customer Success.

James “Alex” Alexander has spent a dozen years in corporate life and the last couple of decades helping companies become brilliant businesses. Alex has written five research studies, five books, over 150 articles, and spoken in 25 countries. His latest book is “Brilliant Customer Success: Managing the Customer Experience for Profitable Growth and Brand Dominance.”

Alex started in the corporate world, advising and consulting some of the world's largest companies such as IBM, Canon, 3M, Phillips and NASA to name a few. He was there at the beginning - starting with customer satisfaction, moving onto customer experience and then the natural progression to Customer Success. He's been through and seen it all play out.

In this webinar Alex will share his insights and experience in the Customer Success industry and how he's seen practices executed 20 years ago come back full circle.

In this energetic, fast-paced webinar you will learn:

  1. How the Brilliant Customer Success Performance Chain works
  2. Six Customer Success best practices
  3. The five things people want, expect and deserve

Register today to listen to Alex’s experience in the Customer Success industry before it became Customer Success, and learn how going back to some of the basics can help retain customers and increase sales.

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