Churn Prevention: How to identify and prevent churn


It's a topic heavily discussed within the SaaS industry, with countless conversations and articles written. So, why is churn prevention so important and what can you do to identify churn and reduce it?

Planhat and Meltwater are pleased to present our webinar on Churn Prevention: How to identify and prevent churn. Hosted and presented by Dale Jones, Director Sales Enablement, Operations & Go to Market Strategy at Meltwater, a SaaS company that develops and markets media monitoring and business intelligence software.

Dale has been living SaaS for over 12 years in various roles from individual contributor, sales and customer success leader, customer experience leader and most recently in a revenue operations function. He started with Meltwater when the company had a 1 person CS team and has been part of growing the business to a publicly listed company with over 35,000 customers globally and a massive CS org.

Dale explains why customer churn is one of the most important metrics to track, with many companies underestimating the real number and therefore struggling to calculate the churn rate properly.

Churn prevention when done correctly can highlight areas to improve which will retain customers and therefore, minimize a company's churn. The more proactive you are, the more likely you are to reduce churn and maintain a strong ARR.

In this insightful webinar you will learn:

  1. Using real-time leading indicators to understand churn and identify at-risk customers

  2. Proactively mitigating churn with multitude of data points

  3. Setting customers up to renew from day one

Dale walks through his experience within the SaaS industry and enlightens us on strategies and tips for churn prevention.

Download to watch the full video now.

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