CS and the three deadliest challenges of scaling


Growth doesn’t come without hurdles. And currently, Customer Success teams are facing challenges that span across the industry. From team structure and ownership to lack of CS-centric tools, what do CS teams need to do to enable growth?

Together with inSided, we’re joined by Alex Farmer, VP of Customer Success at Cognite, Malin Skoglund, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Meltwater, and Liz Stephany, Director of Customer Success at Close, to discuss three of the biggest challenges in Customer Success right now, and what we can do to tackle them.

Watch the session as we dive into the following topics:

  • Challenge 1: No common structure in place for Customer Success teams – Companies of varying sizes having teams at very different maturity stages.

  • Challenge 2: The “many channels” dilemma – CSMs are expected to work across many channels, but without structure, this can result in a reactive team.

  • Challenge 3: Lack of CS-centric tools – CSMs are forced to rely on platforms built for other teams, making it more difficult to get the insights they need.

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CS and the three deadliest challenges of scaling

Watch our webinar to learn the biggest challenges in Customer Success right now, and what we can do to tackle them!

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