Customer Feedback in the Era of Digital CS


How Customer Success teams can leverage feedback effectively to close the feedback loop and deliver a better customer experience.

We’re excited to invite you to our webinar panel discussion. For one hour, Customer Success leaders Anika Zubair, Rick Adams and Gurprem Sagoo will discuss the impact of digital CS and the rise of the Digital CSM. How do you collect and make sense of customer feedback when customer feedback is everywhere? How do you create effective processes to manage customer feedback? Plus, what should your tech stack look like to set you up for success?

Our panelists drove into all of the above and then some! Download and listen to them discuss:

  1. What’s digital CS and what impact will it have in 2021?

  2. What’s a Digital CSM and what are their responsibilities?

  3. How has the digital era impacted how we leverage customer feedback?

  4. How do you create the foundations for collecting customer feedback?

  5. How do you leverage customer data in the feedback process?

  6. What does the CS tech stack look like for collecting customer feedback?

  7. What’s next for Digital CS? (AI bots and beyond.)

Download to watch the full video now.

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