Customer Success Software in 2023: The Key Roles in Customer Success

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Focusing on customer centricity, using technology effectively, increasing Net Revenue Retention (NRR), and unleashing the value of Customer Success (CS) teams require alignment and refinement. This becomes evident in the growing roles dedicated to promoting and managing these aspects of customer success.

The Role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

According to Planhat’s Customer Success Community Survey of CS leaders, 61% believe that the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) will be crucial in bridging the gap between CS and the rest of the business in 2023. Customer Operations (CS Ops) and Revenue Operations (RevOps) are also recognized as important by over half of our respondents.

The dominance of the CCO role indicates the recognition of how essential it is to have a customer focus at the executive level. It all begins with the CEO, as a customer-centric strategy pursued by the CEO is paramount. Without a voice for the customer, implementing customer centricity and realizing its value becomes impossible.

The Key Role of RevOps in Improving Collaboration and Alignment

Differing maturity levels exist among CS teams and businesses as a whole. A 2022 Forrester report on the growth of RevOps concluded that the majority of organizations struggle with process-related issues, while low-maturity organizations particularly face challenges with basic organizational processes.

Low-maturity organizations often lack collaboration and alignment across goals, technology, and strategic planning. Here, RevOps can play a significant role in enhancing these aspects. Businesses and CS teams striving to improve customer revenue and management processes should prioritize the immediate need for RevOps, making it a priority hire in 2023.

Three key things to remember when recruiting for RevOps in 2023

  1. Operations functions offer more than just alignment. They offer agility too, helping businesses change direction and shift resources to more profitable strategies.
  2. Strong cross functional experience is golden. The ability to effectively collaborate and communicate with colleagues across organizations and teams is vital.
  3. Understand metrics and how to measure NRR effectively. Balancing how to attain revenue goals with the needs of the customer should be a data-driven process.

Customer success community survey: Key skills for key roles

In the Planhats Customer Success Community Survey 2023, we engaged with esteemed industry experts to unveil their strategies for addressing this year’s customer success hurdles. During our discussions, we delved into the crucial skills needed for success in key roles within customer-centric organizations. Here’s what they shared:

“A key skill for RevOps is adaptability. These stakeholders are your leaders on the bleeding cutting edge of customer success processes and technology. The best of them are highly adaptable in adjusting to the tools and changing data that is available.”

Adam Staples, Customer Success Manager, Aprimo​​​

“Somebody needs to own the customer data, and preferably that should be CS Ops. If there isn’t a CS Ops person who owns the data and makes it consistently available, the responsibility too often falls on CS leadership, which is already being pulled in many different directions.

Joseph Lucco, Vice President Customer Success, ClearPoint Strategy

Expansion leaders need to step-up as business owners. Leverage data, know where to invest, and measure impacts on both the company and customers. Plus, articulate the value they provide to the business’ bottom line – the language that executives understand.

Donna Weber, Customer Success Consultant

With CS teams working remotely both during and after the pandemic, as well as many CS roles being hired remotely – alignment was required, and this was enabled by CS Ops. What’s more, rapidly growing CS teams have used CS Ops to organize effectively and take CS teams to the next level.

Alongside this, businesses are now thinking more and more about NRR and expansion. It’s the center of all conversations, and there is an urgent need to make sure existing customers are successful. This is where the RevOps role comes in. These key stakeholders are now much more involved in CS strategy. I personally believe it’s a positive sign when other roles and teams take an active part of the CS strategy. It’s a clear signal that businesses are becoming more customer-centric.

Therefore, the stage is set for RevOps to become the connector between sales and CS. In 2023 this role will help these teams achieve expansion goals in a smarter way and make sure companies are getting value.

Sabrina Perpetua, Manager Customer Success, Planhat

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