Customer Success Benchmark Surveys 2018

The field of customer success has been growing and evolving over the past 15 years with the SaaS industry, and has really started to come into its maturity in Europe these past few years.

But with a field that is still growing and maturing, there is some confusion around creating salary models for the role - what are the best practices and what will work best for your companies business model?

It can be difficult if you’re seeking employment as a Customer Success Manager (which is an awesome choice by the way) to know what to expect when negotiating salaries, or asking about the compensation structure. How do you know what to ask for? What is the most common for a position like this?

We conducted a Customer Success Benchmark survey last year that focused on customer success internal metrics and priorities, as well as salary and compensation models. We were happy with the results from last year, and are happy that there have been so many who have found it useful when creating their salary models, or who are trying to benchmark their own salary.

If you want to check out last years report, you can do that here.

So this year we are conducting the Customer Success Benchmark survey again, and for 6 additional regions! But in order to provide regional specific insights for you, we need your help.

To contribute, select your region below and fill out the survey:

The actual survey takes less than three-four minutes to complete.Your answers will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used in the aggregate. If you want more detailed information about the survey you can find it here.

If you have any additional questions just reach out to us via email:

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