Customer Journey Mapping


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Customers are key! In this webinar we discuss CustomerJourney Mapping. Put in simple terms, it's a way to walk in your customers shoes and chart the course as they interact with your company.

Creating a consistent and effective customer experience that results in maximizing value for you and your customers is not easy. When should your customer success team get involved with your customers? What activities should they perform in each lifecycle stage? What are the goals and risks in each lifecycle phase?

Planhat and CSM Practice are pleased to present our #WebinarWednesdays on Customer Journey Mapping. Hosted and presented by Irit Eizips Chief Customer Officer & CEO at CSM Practice.

Irit Eizips is a Customer Success thought leader who’s mission is helping software and technology companies increase customer retention through maximizing customer value and upsell strategies. Irit is frequently featured in podcasts, books, and industry events as a subject matter expert on customer success operations and strategy. In 2014, Irit founded CSM Practice, the very first boutique Customer Success strategy consulting firm. Irit is known for her unique experience and expertise in launching customer success programs at scale based on best practices.

In this webinar, Irit will discuss what it takes to scale your operations, align expectations with your customers and how customer success managers need a journey map. It includes a series of documents that clarifies when, how and why different teams in your organization should proactively reach out to a customer. She will tell you everything you need to know to create a customer success journey map in your organization.

In this thought provoking webinar you will learn:

  1. Examples of Customer Success Journey Maps

  2. The process to define a Journey Map

  3. Best practices in implementing your Journey Map

  4. How to develop your own Customer Success Journey Map

Irit has been voted as one of the top thought leaders in customer success, and will share her expertise in this special online webinar.

Register today to learn some valuable tips in this much anticipated webinar.

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