Celebrating World-Class Customer Success: An Interview with Sabrina Perpetua

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In Customer Success, exceptional professionals who prioritize customer satisfaction and growth are worthy of recognition. And one person that has gotten much well-deserved attention lately is Planhat’s Sabrina Perpetua. Recently shortlisted for The Customer Success Manager of the Year (Americas) by Customer Success Excellence, Sabrina’s journey in Customer Success is an inspiring testament to her dedication, expertise, and passion for cultivating meaningful customer relationships.

Let’s dive into a brief interview with Sabrina and uncover the essential qualities that make an outstanding Customer Success Manager (CSM).

How did you begin your career in Customer Success?

“I started working in Sales for Latin America, managing teams and closing significant deals. The team recognized the need for someone to focus on our key accounts in Latin America and offered me the opportunity to try it. Although I didn’t expect to fall in love with the CS world while working in sales, I thought, “Why not try?"

What do you find most rewarding about working in Customer Success?

“Nothing beats seeing growth and achievement as a direct result of my efforts. Setting goals with my clients, tracking progress, and tackling obstacles together is gratifying and valuable learning experience. And also, sharing successful strategies with other customers and watching them thrive."

What makes an excellent Customer Success Manager?

“To excel in this role, you must show genuine interest in your customers, both as a company and as individuals. It’s all about going above and beyond because, as a CSM, you are the critical connection between the customer and the company. That being said, communication is key, especially when conveying customer struggles to the company and ensuring that the customer understands the company’s plans and initiatives."

What are the essential skills of a Customer Success Manager?

“If you want to excel as a Customer Success Manager, great organizational and communication skills are necessary. But you can’t stop there - challenging assumptions and being curious is key to providing the best possible solutions. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions - it could lead to better insights and stronger relationships with your customers."

What have you learned from working at Planhat?

“My time at Planhat has been an incredible learning opportunity. I’ve had the chance to work with customers from both the Americas and EMEA, really fine-tuning my understanding of what people need and expect from a service. The diverse cast of characters that make up our team has also been invaluable - being able to pick each other’s brains and contribute to amazing discussions has helped me grow both personally and professionally. Plus, it’s sparked some awesome new ideas!"

Do you have any tips for aspiring or advancing Customer Success Managers?

“Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you think it would work for your customer, go ahead and give it a shot! Be brave and trust your gut. Each company has a unique way of handling Customer Success, so get creative and keep exploring until you find the perfect approach. You got this!"

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