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Customer Success software keeps your customers happy and allows your company to see possible problems with a customer before they even arise. So what is Customer Success software?

Customer Success software is software that compiles customer data and analytics from third-party apps, such as email or support tickets, to provide a more rounded view of the customer's interaction with your brand.

The following is a list of customer success tools to help you decide which is right for your company.

  • Planhat

  • Gainsight

  • CustomerSuccessBox

  • Totango

  • Custify

  • SmartKarrot

  • ClientSuccess

  • Freshdesk Customer Success

What Is Customer Success?

Customer Success is anticipating your customers' questions or challenges and proactively offering answers and solutions. A Customer Success strategy helps you enhance customer happiness and increase customer loyalty, which boosts retention and revenue.

Customer Success software gives you a 360-degree view of your customers, allowing your Customer Success team to identify which customers need more help to adopt your product or service.

This software uses detailed analysis of customers' past behavior to predict how satisfied they're likely to be in the future. Typically, these tools integrate with help desk software, social media management tools and customer relationship management systems.

Why You Need Customer Success Tools

Organizations need Customer Success tools to track as well as organize and manage their Customer Success workflows and best practices, such as managing communications with customers, gathering and analyzing customer feedback and setting up self-service customer education.

Benefits of customer success software include:

  • Gives you full transparency into your customer success information

  • Lets you track various metrics and key performance indicators in one place

  • Keeps your customers moving forward

  • Provides an optimal experience for customers

Features of Customer Success software include:

  • Customer engagement analytics

  • Product usage tracking

  • Health scoring customer data

  • Customer lifecycle analytics

  • Insights into customer experience

  • Collects customer feedback

  • User profiling

Top Customer Success Software Options

Some Customer Success software include:


This customer platform is built to give companies insights into their customers, manage workflow and drive customer experience. Planhat brings all the insights and tools companies need to manage renewals, reduce churn and boost expansion. There are some limitations around sharing usage data for parent-child companies; however; Planhat is aware of this and is working on updates. You can find more information on Planhats Customer Success software here.

Pricing: Start-up, $1,150/month, (+ from $1 to $10 per customer); Professional, $1,750/month (+ from $1 to $20 per customer); Enterprise, price available on request.

Features include:

  • Customer health scores

  • Playbooks

  • Lifecycle management

  • Usage analytics

  • Product analytics

  • Dashboards


This tool is for large enterprises. Gainsight measures all the important metrics. However, the implementation cycle can be as long as six to nine months and requires an implementation partner. In addition, it's a little time consuming for administrators to manage numerous relationships. Pricing available on request.

Features include:

  • Scorecards to measure customer health

  • 360-degree customer profiles

  • Call-to-action notifications

  • Commenting, notes and @mentions

  • Customer communications

  • Customer health score cards

  • Engagement analytics


This is an artificial intelligence-powered customer success platform that helps business-to-business (B2B) software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies reduce churn and increase revenue. CustomerSuccessBox analyzes past data and proactively makes recommendations to the Customer Success manager. Currently, the tool can't embed video. Users can only add links to videos. Pricing starts at $499/month. Depends on the plan and the number of customers.

Features include:

  • Account alerts

  • Account management

  • Communication management

  • Customer lifecycle management

  • Customer onboarding

  • Account health scores

  • Revenue management


This platform is for large enterprises that have a lot of customers to manage and large Customer Success team to handle them. Totango helps companies enhance their customer engagement across the entire customer journey. Integrations with third-party software are limited. Pricing: Community Edition, free; Enterprise Edition, 30-day free trial (price available on request).

Features include:

  • Customer health score

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Email communication

  • Single, unified view of the customer

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Automated lifecycle management and playbooks


This tool is geared toward B2B SaaS businesses. It helps organizations better meet the needs of their customers, reduce churn and increase lifetime value. Custify tracks product use in real time to give managers insight into how customers adopt their products. The software may be a bit difficult to use at first. Pricing: Starter, $199/month; Standard/$499/month; Enterprise Edition, price available on request.

Features include:

  • Account alerts

  • Account management

  • Customer health scores

  • Process/workflow automation

  • Third-party integrations

  • Engagement tracking

Other Customer Success Tools Include:

SmartKarrot – A Customer Success platform that includes an account intelligence system to reduce churn and increase revenue.

ClientSuccess – This Customer Success software helps Customer Success teams better onboard, adopt, retain and add new customers.

Freshdesk Customer Success – Formerly FreshSuccess, this tool helps SaaS companies reduce churn, increase customer adoption and boost customer lifetime value.

How to Determine which Tool Is Best for Your Company

Follow these steps to determine the best Customer Success tool for your company:

  • Identify your business requirements

  • Draft a checklist for the functionality that you need

  • Determine and analyze your system requirements

  • Create an implementation plan

  • Determine what you should expect from the software

  • Evaluate, detect and address deficiencies

Why Planhat Is the Best Option for Your Business:

Selecting the right Customer Success software for your business can be difficult and time-consuming. The bottom line is that you need a system that makes your company's life — and your customers’ lives — easier. That’s where Planhat shines. Planhat helps hundreds of modern technology companies worldwide center their businesses around their customers to maximize customer success and customer lifetime value.

Planhat connects all the customer data, gets actionable insights and drives customer actions to manage renewals, reduce churn and boost expansion. Planhat provides a unified view of your customers all in one place, identifies risks and opportunities, creates clear, repeatable processes through the customer lifecycle and offers multi-channel communication as well as customized inboxes for teams.

Put simply, Planhat is a Customer Success platform focused on making Customer Success simple.

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