Data Driven Workflows & Scaling CS Operations


As your Customer Success team grows, there comes a point when your CSMs are spending more time doing some of the administrative work rather than focusing solely on what drives value to your customers. So, how do you build effective CS workflows to help save CSMs time and optimize their processes both internally and externally? And how can a dedicated CS Operation role help scale your business?

In this episode, our host Anika Zubair chats with the inspiring Emmanuel Malanda, Global Head of Customer Success at Calypso, about data driven workflows and scaling CS Operations. Emmanuel leads a growing team of CSMs and CS Ops teams dotted around the world. He is extremely passionate about customers and equally passionate about aligning the whole organisation in meeting customer’s desired business outcomes.

There comes a time when hiring more CSMs becomes unsustainable, and you need to decide whether you are going to continue on your current CS path - or if you are ready to scale to operations.

"Do you want your CSMs to spend more time on developing playbooks, identifying opportunities for automation, monitoring data accuracy, designing metrics and so on - or do you rather want them to solely focus on what drives value for your customers?"

A CS Ops is much more than just an administrator for your tool. It’s someone who's there to drive value, strategic data-driven, who's going to be able to put those processes in place and really know the customers and the customer life cycle in and out.

"The main reason why we have a CS Ops function at Calypso is around the operational efficiency and how much time it saves us."

Listen now to the full conversation with Emmanuel and Anika on data driven workflows and scaling CS Operations.

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