David Apple Talks Customer Success at Typeform


Typeform lets you create surveys that are engaging and fun to interact with, so no more boring, old school online surveys. Typeform is fun and easy to use, we actually use it ourselves for our survey’s here at Planhat.

I got to speak with Typeform’s VP of Customer Success, David Apple, about how Typeform ensures it is delivering the highest quality product, and keeps the focus on customer success and a great customer experience.

Listen to the interview here:

Here are some highlights from our interview...

David started out leading the sales team when he joined Typeform, but, later on, got the opportunity to build out their customer success team and processes from the ground up. The way Typeform structures their CS team is different than most, and quite interesting…

The Customer success team at Typeform has a mixed of different roles rolling into the VP of Customer success, they have Account Managers (CSMs), Customer Support Reps, Customer Education Managers, Customer Experience Managers, and even Sales.

Most companies separate customer success from sales, but given David’s background and the fact that he is also running sales, it was natural for him to run a mixed sales and customer success team. It also gives him great insight into how sales and the post sale function can work together to give the customer a great experience. According to David...Over-communication ...is the key to making sure sales and the other team members are aligned.

The way Typeform on-boards their new employees is also unique...every new hire starts out doing customer success work before moving on to other functions!

And, the on-boarding process is long enough (about 3 months for certain teams) to make sure that everyone feels comfortable with the product, and confident when helping customers.

I think the amount of time Typeform invests in their CSM team, through onboarding and through general team happiness, is what makes them really unique.

There is a saying...you can hear somebody on the phone. And I also think that you can hear someone smile via email, or chat...so I think keeping our team happy makes it easier to keep our customers happy.

Keeping up the positive vibes and the smiles in the team so the customers can feel that too. That is a great way to think about customer success.

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