Ed Buckley on Peerfit & Growing a Startup

Peerfit is taking on health and helping individuals, companies, and insurance companies look at it in an entirely different way. Peerfit makes it easy to connect companies and local studios to share amazing fitness experiences. Through an online digital platform, Peerfit allows employers to gain access to classes at local fitness studios through their corporate wellness dollars.

Ed Buckley, co-founder and CEO of Peerfit, spoke with me about what it is like selling a new type of health solution in a market where people just aren't as willing to change, breaking through to US insurance companies, and preparing for Series B funding.

Peerfit is hyper-focused on their customer success initiatives, and work closely with their customers to make sure they are seeing the full value of their product. The success that Peerfit has had with their initial customers, turning them into huge advocates, has helped accelerate them forward. But a happy and dedicated Peerfit team also helps!

Listen to the full interview to hear all about Peerfit and how they "Redefine Wellness" and what customer success is like at their company.

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