Forecast Renewals

One of the key responsibilities of Customer Success Managers and leaders of subscription businesses is to forecast renewals, up-sales and churn. Planhat’s forecasting tool for B2B SaaS companies allows you to forecast recurring revenue in an intuitive and easy to use interface, powered by the most sophisticated forecasting module in the market for customer success professionals!

Today, companies are using messy spreadsheets and complicated Salesforce objects to obtain the data they need to put together a forecast. Forecasting for recurring revenue is hard and there are not many tools in the market helping companies with this daunting task.

Planhat believes that forecasting recurring revenue shouldn't only be for people in finance! It's core to the Customer Success function and should be owned by the customer success teams. Forecasting renewals as you're hit by a churn alert, as you're analyzing the health score or reading through the latest tickets enables you to put forward a data-driven projection done in the right context.

Planhat's forecasting module is integrated into the same recurring revenue management platform that powers our customers subscription data. You can now forecast on a license level or use one of Planhat's projection scenarios. You can analyze the past few months renewal rates in the same view as your future months forecast. Context, drill downs and pre-built projections helps customer success managers to forecast more accurately than ever before!

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