G2 Spring Report 2023: Planhat is a leading customer platform

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It´s that time of the year again. Finally, the northern hemisphere opens up to blossoming flowers and sparkling sun rays. And another telltale sign of the arrival of spring is the G2 Spring Report. The software review site presents top-rated software solutions based on customer reviews, and this time Planhat is recognized as a leader in seven (!) different categories, cementing its position as one of the most comprehensive customer platforms in the market:

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Customer Data Platform”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Customer Success Software”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Client Onboarding Software”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Customer Revenue Optimization”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Subscription Revenue Management”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Customer Journey Mapping”

  • Planhat is a G2 Leader in “Client Portal”

This blog post will explore each of the categories in which Planhat has been awarded a leader badge and highlight the platform’s key features and benefits.

A powerful customer data platform

Planhat has earned the leader badge in the Customer Data Platform category on G2. This achievement is a testament to Planhat’s ability to manage customer data in a way that enables businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, segmentation, and personalization. Planhat provides a robust customer data management solution that integrates customer data from various sources and provides powerful analytics tools to analyze customer behavior.

Analytics for Customer Success

Planhat has been awarded a leader badge in the customer success category, indicating the platform’s excellence in helping businesses achieve customer satisfaction, retention, and engagement. With Planhat’s intuitive interface, businesses can track customer feedback and engagements in real-time, allowing them to create personalized experiences that foster customer loyalty. The platform’s powerful analytics tools provide businesses with the insights they need to make data-driven decisions and optimize their customer success strategy.

Client onboarding made easy

Planhat’s platform is awarded a leader badge in the category for client onboarding. Not a surprise since it is designed to help businesses get their customers up and running quickly and efficiently. With Planhat, businesses use the customer portal to collaborate with their customers, drive adoption, show transparency, and build trust. This ensures customers have a positive experience from the outset, leading to higher retention rates, increased customer lifetime value, and, ultimately, better business results.

Optimize for revenue growth

Planhat has earned the leader badge in the Customer Revenue Optimization category on G2. Planhat’s customer platform provides businesses with the tools they need to maximize revenue growth, uncover upsell opportunities and optimize customer acquisition and retention.

Manage your subscription revenue

Planhat has also earned the leader badge in the Subscription Revenue Management category on G2. Planhat’s subscription revenue management solution provides businesses with the tools they need to manage their revenue optimization. Planhat’s platform is built to help businesses generate recurring revenue and maximize revenue growth by providing detailed revenue forecasting and analysis.

Mapping out the customer journey 

Planhat has earned the leader badge in the Customer Journey Mapping category on G2. Planhat’s customer journey mapping solution helps businesses map out the customer journey, understand customer touchpoints and interactions, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior and feedback. Planhat’s platform is built to help businesses create a more customer-centric approach to customer experience.

Client portal for increased collaboration

Planhat’s client portal is a central hub for businesses to manage their interactions with their customers. This creates a streamlined experience for the customers, allowing them to communicate easily, track their progress, and get the support they need, all in one place. This leads to higher engagement, increased satisfaction, and better overall relationships.

Learn more why Planhat is a leader in G2 Spring Report 2023

Planhat’s seven leader badges in the G2 Spring Report are a testament to the platform’s innovative features and exceptional customer experience. With Planhat, any business can take advantage of a world-class customer platform, leading to increased customer satisfaction, higher engagement, and better overall business results. Curious to try it out? Sign up for a demo here, or have a look at G2 to learn what other users are already saying.

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