How to Design Your Customer Health Score


There are many aspects of a customer relationship and the overall customer experience that can influence the health of a customer. A health score can indicate several different things, so determining what you want your customer health score to represent will help you decide which factors to include when creating one.

Planhat and Recruitee presented a Special Online Webinar on How to Design Your Customer Success Health Score (and make it actionable). Hosted and presented by Jennifer Peters, Head of Customer Success at Recruitee.

Your Customer Health score is your leading indicator, and the score should indicate up-sell opportunities or alert you of at-risk accounts. By designing the right Customer Health Score, you empower your team to make educated decisions going forward.

In this Webinar Jennifer shares how Recruitee designed their Health Scores and made them actionable, not forgetting some lessons they learned along the way. She discusses why a Customer Health Score is so powerful and how everyones different definition of a Health Score can be right.

A Customer Health Score is meant to create a signal amongst all the noise of your customer data - you chose the signal that you want to get. A Customer Health Score is a great way to make your data actionable if you choose the right signal and clearly define them.

In an early Poll which was conducted during the Webinar, Jennifer asked 4 questions to the audience;

  • Do you have a Customer Health Score?

  • Does it use more than 2 Metrics?

  • Does it reflect the truth?

  • Do you use it?

Find out the results at the end of the Webinar and how this can hopefully help design your right Customer Health Score.

Jennifer guides us through her own experience of designing the Customer Health Score for Recruitee. Explaining the data modules she looked into, how she defined the health criticas for her Customers and how it was best to keep it simple.

Once her criteria was defined she then talks through how she transformed this into her Customer Health Score - explaining her struggles and the challenges she faced to create the right data points and the difference between her customers which affects the Health Score.

Find out more of Jennifer’s Customer Health Score tips and advice by watching the full video today.

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