How to make impactful Customer Success changes during COVID-19

COVID-19 has completely changed the global economy and it is now, more than ever, extremely important for teams to work together. It is especially important that Customer Success teams come together, strive to retain customers and support their customer base. As a business, it is difficult to know what to focus on, as there is no playbook for these events.

In this Podcast our host Anika Zubair speaks with Dan Farley, VP of Customer Success at Seenit, a Global Video Crowdsourcing platform for the FTSE 100. Dan's journey in Customer Success stems back roughly 8 years, having held roles with US Social Marketing Platform Spredfast and Marvel. He has a deep experience in rolling out Customer Success at early-stage startup businesses and is a huge believer in real relationships - ones that extend far beyond that of a typical SaaS vendor.

Dan discusses his journey to VP of Customer Success and how he praises the team behind him. You are only as good as your team. He provides his perspectives on two vital parts of Customer Success, functional metrics of Customer Health and CS team unity.

Further, Dan shares his insight on ways we can support each other and help build relationships. He’s had to adjust, re-prioritise time and engage with customers in a different way. The most successful being webinar programs which have had a positive impact on customer experience.

We also talk about adjustments to his Customer Success metric strategy and behind the scenes events that can have an unexpected impact on the metrics. Dan also shares insights on customer segmentation and how to apply strategies to different segments. Engagement and segmentation looks completely different during a Pandemic.

Another key topic is the reality of working from home. The difficulties and challenges it brings and how it impacts teams. Dan shares how imitating and replicating the work environment can help with energy and productivity.

On a final note, Dan’s advice is to try to think day-to-day, to be creative and to be helpful. From a Customer Success perspective, it's all about compromise. You need to adapt and you need to be agile. That will give you Customer Success.

Listen now for the full discussion.

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