Intercom's Jeff Gardner, Discusses the Early Days of Intercom & Building a Team


Jeff Gardner was Intercom’s 4th employee and his job was to focus entirely on support. Now he is the Director of Customer Support & Success, and working every day to ensure that Intercom’s mission of making business personal is maintained.

He has known the founders since before they created Intercom, so he was always hearing bits and pieces of what was in the works. Then, when they asked him in 2012 to start working with them, he decided to step away from the freelancing work he was doing and join the team.

As Intercom grew, so did the need for support and Jeff was tasked with building the team. This was the first time he has ever built a team, but he was certainly up for the challenge. Listening to their customers and listening to his team, as well as being rigorous in their hiring process has made the Intercom support team the outstanding team that it is today.

Jeff, his wife, who is originally from Dublin, and their two kids have recently moved to Dublin to start working at Intercom’s office on Saint Stephen’s Green. It had only been about a week and a half since they had arrived when we spoke! I’m so grateful that he took the time to talk with me, and offer his unique perspective on this relatively new field of customer success and Intercom.

I hope you enjoy the interview! You can listen to it here:

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