Managing Rapid Growth: Aligning Success Operations Around ROI


As SaaS businesses boom, the growth and expansion phase is an exciting time and it's a great feeling knowing that customers are invested in your product. But it's important to know how to manage this growth. Handled poorly it can ultimately lead to a wasted opportunity. Companies can often underestimate the intense pressure and challenges that comes with rapid growth.

Planhat and zenloop are pleased to present our #WebinarWednesdays on Managing Rapid Growth: Aligning Success Operations Around ROI, hosted and presented by Judith Oberdorf, Customer Success Lead at zenloop.

Established in 2016, zenloop has developed a unique customer retention SaaS platform which enables businesses to collect, analyse and respond to customer feedback in real-time. Judith started her career in the SaaS industry after working in the marketing and communications field for enterprise companies. Initially starting as an entrepreneur in residence supporting the two founders of zenloop in several business development projects, Judith quickly became the lead to the success team overseeing the companys’ growth phase.

In this webinar Judith discusses how fast company growth can impact customer success goals, operations and teams. As growing ACVs are closed by the Sales team, customer expectations change, as do the success KPIs and goals, so these need to be adapted. As a company expands, the success team needs to be capable of heading towards more ambitious KPIs, without losing track of what matters in that moment. Judith will share how aligning success goals, operations and the team around zenloop´s customers ROI enables them to manage the transition to a growing customer base.

In this insightful webinar you will learn:

  1. Setting a Foundation for the Future by aligning operations around your customer´s ROI

  2. Engaging your most important usage personas and making ROI explicit to them

  3. Growing ACV = Growing Expectations: Enabling success managers to continuously succeed expectations

As the Customer Success Lead at zenloop, Judith learnt a lot in the development and growth of the company. In this special webinar she will share her tips and tricks to manage rapid growth efficiently.

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