Metrics and Objects Galore!


We are excited to launch a range of new metrics in Planhat that we hope will bring a world of new insight for our customers! Alongside the new metrics, we are also introducing two new data objects, Assets and Projects!

Every week, Planhat processes hundreds of millions of data points for our customers around the world. This data is used across Planhat to drive automations, filter customers or users, visualise trends and much more.

One popular use case is to take the raw data that is sent to Planhat and run formulas on top of it. Generally in Customer Success we care more about trend analysis than point in time analysis, so rather than know a Customer had 4 users log in today, we want a metric to show whether their users are logging in more frequently on average over a trending 7 or 30 days.

In Planhat we call these Calculated Metrics. In many instances Calculated Metrics are best used at a Company or Account level. We can then see if usage is trending in the right direction on an Account or which features they are engaging with the most.

However, there are often times when having a deeper understanding of an End Users behaviour can create real value. For example, as a way to identify which Users are engaging most with a new feature, or how often on average Users take certain actions.

We are pleased to announce that going forward you will be able to create Calculated Metrics on End Users as well as Companies in Planhat. Functionality will be largely the same and enable our Customers to get a huge amount of insight on End User behaviour. What is more, since we already tend to have huge amounts of End User data in Planhat, you can start working with End User metrics immediately!

In addition to this, we are also bringing the same logic to the new Assets and Project objects.

Assets and Projects are two new objects built to solve complex use cases in which a customer may have additional attributes associated with them.

With Assets, you might have a customer that bought two different products that you need to track separately, or a customer that alongside software also bought devices that need to be tracked. These products or devices could now be Assets in Planhat with their own metrics and general functionality across data module.

With Projects, you might have a customer that runs campaigns or courses for a fixed amount of time that you need to monitor. These could now be Projects in Planhat giving you insight into how each campaign or course is performing and rolling up helpful information to the customer profile.

We don’t expect Assets and Projects to be used by all customers but for those who need them, they will open up a world of opportunity when it comes to understanding customer behaviour! In our ongoing attempts to help our customers grow, we think these enhancements add flavour and flexibility to how you manage your customers.

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