Nordic Customer Success Survey

We were recently asked: “What is the standard salary model for a CSM in Sweden?”

Great question! And we realized there isn't really a lot of information out there to provide a solid answer. So let’s work together to get a better understanding of the current priorities and compensation models for people working in Customer Success in the Nordics. 

The Survey

The survey is focusing on people with a responsibility for existing customers in a B2B setting.

Typically this would be the Customer Success Manager, but sometimes adjacent roles such as Account Managers, Customer Support could be equally relevant. 

The survey takes about 4 minutes to complete, and touches on:

  • Job title/seniority level
  • Composition model Monthly and variable salary 
  • How is success measured? 
  • Where does responsibility for existing customer sit in the company? 

We’ll send out the results once we have finished gathering all of the data and put together the report. It shouldn’t be more than a few weeks. 


We’ve invited, what we believe, to all of the most relevant people in the Nordics.

We primarily used our network, LinkedIn and a few other public sources to put this selection together. If you happened to get an invitation but don’t feel it applies to you, please let us know and feel free forward to whoever you think is more appropriate to contribute from your team. 

Just remember it should be someone working in Customer Success.

Integrity and identification of individual answers: 

Your specific answers are treated confidentially. We’ll only expose the results on an aggregate level, and there will be no way to trace individual answers, companies etc. 

Planhat is software designed to help Customer Success Teams succeed, but we are also dedicated to the Nordic Customer Success community and want to help by creating solutions and finding answers to all of your Customer Success related challenges. 

Stay tuned for the results!

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