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Forecast Renewals

One responsibility CSMs is to forecast renewals, up-sales and churn. Using a tool to help you easily manage existing revenue as well as future is essential.

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Nordic Customer Success Survey

What is the standard salary model for a CSM in the Nordics? Planhat is finding that out!

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Reduce SaaS Churn

Chargify's blog titled '16 tips to reduce SaaS churn from industry leaders' is a great read!

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Customer Health Score for newbies

Some of the basics about customer health score, how to calculate it, and what metrics to include in your health score.

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Five reasons for customer success

5 critical reasons your company should invest in Customer Success.

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How customer success should deal with over-promising sales teams

Some tips on how the Customer Success team can deal with an over-promising new business sales team.

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Who does the up-sales?

Why the Customer Success team should own the up-sales process.

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Why Software for Customer Success?

Why do you need a tool specifically for customer success? How having a software for CS can make all the difference.

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When to hire your first CSM

When should you hire a dedicated CSM? After 10-100 or 500 customers? Here are some guidelines to help you make that decision.

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Expansion is not a lifecycle phase

Why expansion should be considered a part of the entire client lifecycle, and should not be considered one, separate phase.

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