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Customer Outreach Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

Some best practices and suggestions on how to reach out to your customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Twilio's Lead of Customer Success, EMEA & APAC

Christina Kopka discusses creating a CS team around a much more technical product, and one that doesn't follow the normal SaaS subscription.

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Responsibilities of the Customer Success Team

The main responsibility of your CS organization is to help your customers realize value, see clear ROI and generate revenue on existing business.

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The First Women in Customer Success Event

A great first event for the Women in Customer Success group!

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The Customer Lifecycle

Mapping out your customer lifecycle is key for ensuring you are meeting your customers’ expectations, as well as for creating effective playbooks.

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3 Ways to Make Customer Success a Part of Your Company Culture

A few ways to make Customer Success a part of your company's culture.

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Michael Redbord talks Customer Success @ Hubspot

The VP of Services & Support @ Hubspot, Michael Redbord, gives his perspective on how to create happy & successful customers.

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Roles in a Customer Success Division

As you grow your customer success divison, these are some of the roles you can condiser adding to your team.

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Yves Doucet, CEO of Dovico, on Creating a Culture of Customer Success

Cultuer Coach & CEO of Dovico talks about how his company has created a culture of customer success.

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Women in Customer Success

A group for Women in Customer Success to network, learn and have fun!

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