Planhat Power Users: The fourth and final course is now live

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Last year, we launched the first three courses of the Planhat Power User Certification, and now we are excited to release the final piece of the puzzle - “Course 4: Customising your tenant”. Complete this, and you’ll be a fully certified Planhat Power User!

This concluding course focuses on some of the “behind the scenes” settings of Planhat, empowering you to customise your Planhat tenant to make it suit you.

You will learn:

  • Key tenant settings, from basics such as logos and colour palettes to more advanced settings concerning the automatic creation of contacts and NPS campaign settings
  • Important email settings - filtering options, how emails are matched up with Companies, and email templates
  • Roles and permissions - how you can control exactly what each Planhat user can see and do
  • Creating Custom Profile Templates and Pages, so your Company Profiles show exactly what you need to see, including automatically showing different views for different Company segments.

As usual, once you’ve finished this course, you’ll be rewarded with a fancy badge, which you can display on LinkedIn to show off your achievement and expertise!

We had a chat with Carly Hammond, Enablement Manager at Planhat, to answer all your questions about this course.

Hey Carly! As a Planhat user, what will I get out of this course?

Course 4: Customising your tenant is all about tailoring your Planhat tenant (your copy of Planhat) to optimise it for you - from whole-tenant settings to adapt Planhat for your organisation as a whole, down to role-specific configuration so that each user sees exactly what they need, whether they’re a CSM or a Developer and so on.

We know that the topic of settings might initially sound a little boring, but actually this course gives you a great deal of understanding and power! You’ll be able to make your life and your colleagues’ lives easier, as well as really maximise the benefits of Planhat - saving time and being more productive, for example. In addition, you’ll learn how to improve security within your tenant, e.g. by only giving users access to the data they need. “Customising your tenant” is all about learning lots of tips and tricks, as well as preventing issues.

How does course four relate to the previous three courses?

– The first three courses were particularly linked together, as you typically have a sequence of organising data, taking action with that data, and then visualising it, so in that sense, course 4 is a little more stand-alone. 

However, course four still relates back to what you’ve learned in the previous courses. For instance, in course 3 (Telling stories with data), we covered creating Pages to visualise your data in engaging and informative ways, for both your colleagues and your customers. In course 4, you’ll become an expert in how you can create Custom Pages as part of Company Profiles. For this reason, we recommend that you complete courses 1 to 3 before moving on to course 4.

Who is this course for? Can anyone enroll?

– The Planhat Power User Certification is designed primarily for Planhat Power Users - that is, existing Planhat customers who are Admins of their Planhat tenant - Managers or Operations superstars, who are the people configuring their Planhat tenant for their team.

If you’re in a different role, you can still take the course to increase your Planhat knowledge and understanding, but be aware that you might not have access to all the settings discussed - reach out to your Admin or your Planhat CSM if you have any questions.

If you haven’t yet completed the other courses, remember to finish them before starting course 4.

How has the Power User Certification been helping the community of Planhat users?

– The Power User Certification has proven popular within Planhat’s user base, and we’ve been receiving a lot of feedback that it’s helped people develop a deeper understanding of Planhat, maximising their Return on Investment (ROI) by unlocking its potential. Even experienced Planhat users have commented that they’ve learned new skills and features, so it’s proving useful in filling any knowledge gaps. The Power User Certification has enabled Planhat users to be more self-sufficient, which is a great time-saver, as you don’t need to ask for help every time - you can do it yourself and even teach your colleagues!

We’ve loved seeing course completers celebrate their achievements on LinkedIn too - it’s always great to show your network that you’re an expert in important Customer Success topics.

If you haven’t yet completed all the courses, it’s never too late to start - make sure you don’t miss out on all the benefits of these free resources!

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