Planhat Power Users: Third Course now live

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Two weeks ago we launched Course 2 of our four-course Planhat Power User Certification program, and we are now following that up with the release of Course 3: Telling Stories with Data.  Everything in Planhat is connected, and this Course will help you gain insight into your data and the processes you’ve set up through the use of dashboards and presentations.  As always, With each course you complete, you’ll earn a new badge that can be proudly showcased on LinkedIn.

What you’ll learn:

  • Visualizing data in the Data module
  • Utilizing the library of pre-built reports
  • Creating custom dashboards in Pages

In order to realize the full potential of Course 3, it’s imperative that you first complete Courses 1 ("Organise Customer Data") and 2 ("Take Action With Data") in order to organize your data and create / optimize your workflows, from which you may then visualize and gain insight into their impact.

Early next year we plan to launch Course 4, which will teach you how to customize and make Planhat bespoke to your organization, learning all of the flexible ways you can configure Planhat to maximize its potential.

So, with Course 3 now launching, we had a chat with Rob Argiro, Enablement Manager at Planhat, to dive deeper into the course and discover the value it brings.

Hey Rob! After the release of course 1 and course 2, we’re already at course 3. Why is it focusing on telling stories with data?

– Since the first two courses were focused on organizing data and building efficient workflows, Course 3 comes in and connects the dots between them, teaching folks to get insight into these foundational pieces.  Visualizing this data enables Power Users to tell stories with their findings, leading to seeing what’s working well, where there might be gaps, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Who is this course relevant for?

– This course is best suited for all Planhat Builders, Power Users, and Admins who have already completed Courses 1 and 2.  Reason being - you must have data in Planhat and workflows created in order to get insight into this data.  Telling Stories with Data focuses on creating the visualizations for the CSMs and CS Leaders to utilize, review / assess, and take action on, ultimately acting as a feedback loop.

It seems that visualisation of data and storytelling often is underlooked as a key component in driving customer engagement. Why is that?

- This occurs because the key data points required for visualization are quite frequently disorganized, siloed in several platforms, may require developers’ time to extract and present the data (and of course they have competing priorities within their normal scope of work), or even just not captured in the first place.  Planhat can help organizations solve for this by capturing key data points and connecting with other platforms which contain them in order to package everything up into a single source of truth for all things post-sale.

When are you expecting Course 4 to be released?

- Course 4: Customising Your Tenant will be launched in January, and is all about customization.  You want your Planhat to be bespoke to your organization and this course will take you through all the flexible ways you can configure Planhat to maximize its potential.

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Planhat Power Users: Third Course now live

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