Planhat's Team Feature

It often happens that Customer Success teams are divided up by geographical regions, different offices, or by function. That’s why it’s nice to have a customer success platform that allows you to organize your team within the application to mirror the way you have it in reality. And then, you’re view doesn’t get crowded with information you don’t need.

Planhat’s Teams feature allows you to group your customer success team members within in the application so that you’re able to manage customers more easily, per team.

So if you have teams that are responsible for EMEA, APAC, or even at a more granular level, you can divide each of these users into teams to help them focus on only the accounts they need to.

You can even do things like appoint a “Manager” of a team, who can see and edit all of the accounts their team is responsible for while other team members maintain different levels of access and editing abilities.

Planhat’s Teams feature is another way to make your life working with customer success easier.

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